Inspirational Quotes

I’ve been thinking about doing this for our son for ages, and today was the day!

I wanted to have a small inspirational quote in his room for him to see as he goes to sleep each night. Or on his desk as he does homework.

There are many options available these days to display your own quotes or lists – light boards, pin boards, and white or blackboards. But I thought something small and relatively unobtrusive would be the best thing for us. Easy to see at the right time, but not annoyingly large and in the way.

So I found an old photo frame, chose a quote, printed it up, and that’s it!


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Beach Towel with Pillow

Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and the new school year has begun, I hope you all had a safe and happy time with family and friends!

Nearly two years ago I saw this idea for a beach towel with pillow and saved it as a great gift idea. Finally I had the opportunity to make some! My son had two of my nieces for whom he needed to arrange Kris Kringle presents, and when I suggested these towels for them he was very keen!

beach pillow towels

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Letter From Santa

Do you still have Christmas magic in your house?

At 11 years old, our son may or may not still believe, but we are certainly not going to contribute to any loss of magic in this house! Crackers, our Elf on the Shelf, has been visiting for many Christmasses now and he is still eagerly awaited! The last 2 years we’ve added Tinselling to our Christmas build-up.¬†And we have a great light display which we love looking at, and we hope brings some happiness to our neighbours and other passers by. Our neighbours tell us they love it, anyway…lol.

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