Replenishing Cleaning Supplies

I have almost finished my laundry liquid supply, so it was time to make some more. And while I was at it, I made some more handwash! I had read a tip about some extra ingredients to add to the handwash, so I wanted to give that a try.

And there’s not much to either of these soaps. They look kinda the same while they are being made…

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Bunny Butt Easter Hat

It’s coming up to that time of year that we all love…the Easter Hat Parade! Our school will be holding the parade mid next week, just before we break for school holidays.

In previous years we have created hats in the theme of the current favourite characters. Last year we had a Harry Potter-inspired hat, the year before it was How To Train Your Dragon, we’ve also done Pikachu and Angry Birds…you get the idea! But this year our son decided he just wanted to go Easter themed.

As I was searching Pinterest for inspiration, I came across some ‘bunny butt’ designs which I had noticed in previous years, but not pinned. Now they are, and you can see them here and here! They are on my Easter Pinterest board.

It seemed the time had come to create a Bunny Butt Easter Hat lol

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Cartoon Nails

I was perusing my Pinterest boards recently, wondering what I should try next, when I found this pin of cute cartoon-style nails on my aptly titled Nails board 😉

And since I have only done plain colours on my nails lately, it was time for something a little more interesting! Continue reading