Valentine’s Day 2015

It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday!

We don’t really do gifts on this day, but we do a special meal or something like that. This year we are going to a local restaurant for dinner – all three of us 🙂 (You’ll see who the ‘three of us’ are below)

I came across a quote which I pinned to my Words of Wisdom Pinterest board, which I thought would be nice for the occasion.

We rarely have all 3 of us in one photo, but I remembered some professional shots we had done several years ago by Michael Chetham Photography. The photographer would be appalled at what I did….

I photographed the original photo, then used editing software Picmonkey to add the quote. I have to say that the quality of the original photo is so far superior to this copy it is laughable, however it will do the job. And I love the photo, even if none of us look like this anymore lol

Here’s the finished product:

Valentine's Day 2015

Not sure if it will just be a card, or if I’ll print it up a bit bigger and hang it on the wall. I’m leaning towards hanging it 🙂

I wish you all a day filled with happiness on Saturday xx

There are plenty of Valentine’s crafts and ideas out there – have you made something yourself this year?

* Linking up with Mimi’s Five Star Frugal

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