See what happened when I used a commercial stain remover :(

Since we’ve been talking laundry, I thought I should include this little mishap….

This dark blue t-shirt was practically new when I got an oily mark on it. I forgot to spray it a couple of times before washing, so just kept throwing it back in the dirty clothes basket as I couldn’t wear it like that. I finally remembered to spray it, but used a commercial spray by accident instead of my homemade one. I really don’t remember which brand, as it is long gone.

This is what it looked like after spraying and then going through the wash:

stained tshirt

Remember, this is after spraying and washing. And the original stain is still there right in the middle of the top circle.

As you can imagine I was pretty annoyed. I couldn’t bring myself to just toss the shirt out, it was nearly new! But it just sat there taunting me…

Some weeks later I decided it couldn’t get any worse if I re-sprayed it using my stain remover, and rewashed it.

And this was the result:

stain free tshirt

I was impressed! Even the oily mark that had been there since the beginning and stayed through several washes was gone! I’m not even going to suggest that this may have happened regardless of what I used next time I washed 😉

So while I would still recommend testing any new spray on an inconspicuous spot first, I’m pretty confident using my spray on my clothes.

Have you had a disastrous result like this?


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