Easter Hat time

It’s that time of year when the annual Easter Hat Parade is imminent. This year I was determined to be a bit more organised, and I am happy to say I was!

Finding a suitable idea for a boy’s hat is difficult. There is no end to the pretty flowery hat ideas, but for some reason they are not particularly popular. Even Pinterest is awash with ideas for girls’ hats, however I have found some that give a little inspiration. You can see what I’ve found on my Easter board.

Before I show you this year’s hat, here’s a quick look at the last couple of hats we’ve created. I don’t have a picture of the hat we made in kindergarten. It did the job, but we’ve come a long way since then 🙂 It was a basic hat covered with blue tissue paper, decorated with coloured in pictures of Easter Eggs, and little chickens from the discount shop.

In first grade I was very pleased to come across the Angry Bird idea. I have pinned 2 red Angry Bird creations, both of which link to an eBay listing. We set about making our own, wrapping a red feather boa around a plastic red hat, and cutting the features from felt. It looked pretty good! And after holding on to it for 2 years, I recently sold it on our local Facebook Buy, Sell, Swap page. I hope the next owner enjoys wearing it in their hat parade next week!

Easter Angry Bird Hat - sawitdidit.wordpress

Easter Angry Bird hat base

Last year, second grade, Pokémon was (and still is) popular in our house. So a large Pikachu toy took pride of place on the hat. I made a basic crown base, sat Pikachu on the top, gave him some Easter bunny ears (luckily I found some in yellow!), and wrapped a green feather boa around the bottom.

Easter Pikachu hat (692x1024)

And now for this year – third grade. I was inspired by this dinosaur hat. ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is flavour of the month here, so I thought we would be able to adapt the dinosaur idea to dragons. I picked up a brown hat and some green plastic eggs from the discount shop a week or so ago. There are plenty of dragon toys around here to use, and I cut the leaves off some fake flowers I had. Working out how to attach the dragons was the sticking point. A week’s worth of pondering…and today I thought we should try and make Toothless fly!

Easter hat beginning (688x1024)

I tried black and silver wire, and from afar the silver was less obvious. To keep Toothless stable I needed 3 anchor points. I was very liberal with the hot glue gun!

Important point – if you have children and need to create costumes, you need a hot glue gun! Mine is only small and was quite cheap. I picked up the glue sticks from the discount store. You will need a constant supply of these 😉

Just because I can, here are our two bunnies photobombing a hat shot

Easter hat bunny bombing (1024x688)

Then I placed the other two dragons we were using. Even though they are not very heavy, I needed to have them balanced so the hat would sit correctly. I distributed the leaves around the brim, and on top to hide Toothless’ supports. We quickly glittered up some plain eggs, and added these with the plain green ones.

Easter hat coming along

And here’s the finished product

Easter 'How To Train Your Dragon' hat - sawitdidit.wordpress

 The young wearer has declared it ‘epic’, and that’s good enough for me! I think it has a definite Easter feel, but is unique too. I’m reasonably sure we won’t see another hat quite like this one at the parade next week!

Since we have been in the Easter mood today, we also made our first batch of Hot Cross Buns for the year, and put up the wreath we made last year on our front door. This wreath is simply made from a wire coathanger that has been bent into a circle, wrapped with a white feather boa, and topped with more bunny ears.

Easter bunny ears door wreath - sawitdidit.wordpress.com

What are you making for Easter this year?

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