DIY personalised party invitations

We are currently preparing for our son’s 9th birthday coming up in a few weeks. This year his party will have a ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ theme.

Of course I have been adding ideas to my Pinterest board ‘How to Train Your Dragon party’.

The invitations were sent out yesterday, so I am going to share how I did them. I am a member of a local mums’ Facebook page, and it never ceases to amaze me how often mums post asking where to buy branded party merchandise. Now, I’m not saying there isn’t a place for these things, but if you have a bit of time to search for ideas you can come up with your very own version. Cheaper, personal, and the birthday child will love them!

So, back to the invitations…

I found a design I liked and looked for some images that could be used. Completely inadvertently, my son chose the same image as the design we were ‘borrowing’. (You’ll see it on the Pinterest board above.) I saved the picture to my computer, then opened it with PicMonkey – a free photo editing site. I find this site very easy to use, but you can use whatever editing tools you prefer 🙂

To the picture I added a text banner (overlay) with the party details. This is a recently learned skill for me, and I found the instructions here. It’s on my Social Media board if anyone’s interested. On PicMonkey it’s the butterfly icon that adds the overlay. I faded the banner so it didn’t completely cut out the picture, but allowed the text to stand out. In this case I used a stock font (Poetson One) that looked similar to the official movie font. For previous parties I have done a search for ‘*name of movie* font free download’, but that was not available this time. In the past I have found Adventure Time, Pokémon, Lazytown and other fonts available for free download. Doing this makes for a more professional looking invitation, or whatever else you add text to for the party. Dafont has a good range and I have found what I wanted here before.

 How to train your dragon image

How to train your dragon invitation 1

In the bottom left-hand corner I added another banner and the party details. For obvious reasons I haven’t included the final design here.

How to train your dragon invitation sawitdidit.wordpress

I usually email invitations out in preference to printing them. Of course it saves on ink, but it also goes straight to the parent without getting lost in the bottom of a school bag, only to be discovered the day after the party. It also saves the feelings of children who haven’t been invited. I leave it up to my son who he invites, although I do occasionally make ‘suggestions’! Not everyone in the class/team/group etc gets invited to every party, but you don’t want to be obvious about it. Of course there are other ways of unobtrusively handing out invitations, so do what works for you 🙂

How do you come up an idea for party invitations?

I will add the rest of the party details in a few weeks – after the party! Fingers crossed the wild weather we have been experiencing lately clears as we are holding the party in a local park!

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