Egg carton playing card holder

It was a cold and cloudy weekend, so we spent yesterday playing games together. ‘Trouble’ is a current favourite in our house – just when you think you are winning you end up losing and vice versa, so it keeps us all on our toes! But we also like card games. And they are great to play with kids, helping them firstly to recognise and learn numbers, then with simple mental arithmetic. But fun at the same time! I’ve played games like Snap and Go Fish with my son from when he was very little. If you have played card games with your children, you will also have had to deal with them not being able to hold all their cards comfortably in their hands. When I saw this idea on No Time For Flash Cards I thought it was definitely worth a try! So yesterday I found an empty egg carton, turned it upside down, and cut slits in the cups with a craft knife. The cards fitted very easily into the slits, making it very simple to organise and see what you are holding. Egg carton card holder . And that’s it! Problem sorted! Kim comments that hers tipped over easily, but we didn’t have that problem. Perhaps because our egg cartons are cardboard and hers look like polystyrene? Anyway, I guess if you have that problem it would be easy to put some blocks or marbles whatever in the carton to make it a bit more stable.

Has your child found a way to hold all their cards?

Check out this pin, and plenty more great ideas for kids on my ‘Kids’ Pinterest board 😉

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