Spring is coming – and hopefully, so are the worms!

Yes, it won’t be long now until Spring arrives, although we have been very lucky and had a reasonably mild winter here in Sydney. Granted, there were some wild weather episodes, and some particularly icy days, but we’ve also had plenty of gloriously sunny days, so can’t really complain 😉

And when the weather gets warmer it’s easy to spend time in the garden tidying, rearranging, planting… So I decided it was time to try out the worm tower I pinned ages ago to my Pinterest Garden board, which came from Midwest Permaculture. Of course, we are no-where near the Midwest, however worms do the same job where-ever they are….don’t they?

We had a length of PVC pipe which was cut into 3 pieces of around 50-60cm each. It has a diameter of 10cm. Lots of holes were drilled into the sides so the worms can easily access the goodies inside.

worm feeder . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

Then we just needed to decide where they were going to go, and dig holes for them. I chose to have 2 in my new still-under-construction rose garden, and one in the supposed-to-be fruit/vegie garden. When we come across more pipe, more towers will be added.

My son and I made sure we had on appropriately sturdy footware:

sturdy work boots . sawitdidit.wordpress
This is Australia, after all!

So holes were dug, the pipes were placed in the holes, and we backfilled the holes. We left about a hands-width of pipe above the ground.

Worm feeder ... sawitdidit.wordpress
Then we added the first scraps to the worm feeder

worm feeding . sawitdidit.wordpress.com
and covered it with a lid to keep the rain out

Completed worm feeder ... sawitdidit.wordpress.com
We had one PVC cover, and I used terracotta saucers to cover the other two. This photo was taken a couple of days after we installed the worm feeders, and we had a fair amount of rain in that time!

worm feeder ... sawitdidit.wordpress.com

And what about the worms?

Even though there are plenty of worms in the garden, they are earthworms and do a different job to compost worms. Both are important in a garden!

I dug around our neglected worm farm, and was happy to find some wrigglers still going. I transferred these to our new worm feeders, and hopefully they will be happier there.

Reading through the comments on the site listed above, I saw that some people have concerns about using PVC in the garden. Specifically the chemicals that leach from the pipe to the soil, particularly when it gets hot. I have not done any research on this, so can’t comment further. We had the pipe already, so we will see how it goes.

Our normal compost bin is at the bottom of the garden, so having these closer to the house means the scraps can be added to them without too much hassle. Remember to also add shredded paper, and other organic material. We added some hay from the rabbit hutch 🙂 There are some foods that worms don’t particularly care for, such as onion and citrus, so keep this in mind when feeding them.

Do you have a worm farm in your garden?

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4 thoughts on “Spring is coming – and hopefully, so are the worms!

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  2. So awesome Fiona, I didn’t even know that there are two different kind of worms.and that you could build a worm farm like that. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures too.


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