Fruit Trees!

I am very excited to see all the blossoms on my peach tree! But I know from previous experience that unless I do something, we will not be eating any peaches from this tree. You see, we have a lot of native wildlife around here, and they like to eat your plants 😦

Last year I covered this tree with bird netting. I carefully watched the little peaches forming. But overnight they were gone.

So this year I have hung CDs on and around this and other plants. Mum tells me it has worked in her garden, so I’m hoping it will work here too!

CD repellant (683x1024)

At least the CDs haven’t deterred the bees


Let’s hope they do the trick and this year we will have more than enough peaches to feed us over summer!

What works to keep wildlife from eating your plants?

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5 thoughts on “Fruit Trees!

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  2. Gorgeous photos of the beautiful pink blossoms, and how cute is that bee!

    I must take some pictures of my apricot blossom, that is very pretty too 🙂

    Came by your blog from Mimi’s.



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