No more pests!

A few weeks ago, when the weather really started warming up, I had a good look around the garden. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to do that!

First up, I had a look at my new (but still under construction) rose garden. I was pleased to see some new growth coming. These roses weren’t even in the garden this time last year, so I am looking forward to seeing how they go. However, I was less than happy to see aphids crawling all over them ;(

Aphids on my roses ;(

Next, I had seen that some of my Pink Lady Lilies weren’t looking very good. These are along the fence, next to the carport, and not something I take a lot of notice of. But they were bad enough that I did take notice:

Caterpillars in my garden (

They were covered in horrible big caterpillars, who had eaten practically all of the leaves. I know this doesn’t happen every year, so not quite sure what brought attracted them this year. But they are certainly very ugly (both the caterpillars and the plants).

So, what to do?

Check out Pinterest, of course!

I added a couple of ideas to my Garden board. First, I tried the easiest ‘recipe’ of water with a bit of detergent in it. I sprayed several times over 2 days, but all the bugs were just as happy as before.

As I continued searching, I found several options of using salt and/or vinegar as weed and bug sprays. As far as I am concerned, salt and vinegar belong on chips, not on the garden! From what I have read, these ingredients not only kill your weeds and pests, they also kill worms and other beneficial bugs. And salt will change the ph of your soil so you may have difficulty growing anything there. If you use salt and/or vinegar on your garden, you might like to research that.

Then I upped the ante by adding chilli and garlic to the detergent and water mix.

I didn’t follow the chilli/garlic recipe from the link very precisely. I crushed a couple of fresh garlic cloves, added a good shake of dried chilli flakes and covered with hot water. I left that to steep for a day, than I strained it off and poured it into a spray bottle. A good squirt of detergent finished it off.

I sprayed that on both the aphids and caterpillars over a couple of days. Shortly after I did that we had some pretty heavy rain, but it has been fine for a week or two.

Here are my roses now:

No aphids now!

Look at all that new growth with absolutely no aphids!

Of course, the lilies haven’t recovered quite so easily so I won’t subject you to another photo of horrible nibbled leaves. But there are hardly any caterpillars on them now. I still spray every so often, and will continue to do so.

I read that chilli may also deter possums and other native animals that think our plants are there just for them!

Since that top pot has a chilli plant in it, I’m not so sure! But both the chilli and the lemon were stripped of their leaves within a day of planting. I’m hoping a combination of this spray, and hanging CDs will give my plants a chance!

Have you found a homemade way to successfully get rid of pests from your garden? Please share!

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