Harry Potter-inspired Birthday Party (Part 3, including games and refreshments)

Following on from my two previous posts on our recent Harry Potter themed party, today I will share what we ate and drank, and the games we played. But you’ll have to read the next post to find out how we played Quidditch!

Our party was held mid-afternoon in a park. So a main meal was not required, nor could we provide steaming hot food. I stumbled across this site where all food and drinks mentioned in the Harry Potter books is listed . A great help!

So ham sandwiches it was 😉 Along with the usual chips, dip, biscuits…and jelly. Always have to have jelly!

HP birthday party jelly cups

As I do every year, each boy received a personalized water bottle – this year I made an easy label saying ‘Aquavena Cooling Potion’ 🙂 I used PicMonkey to make the graphic, then printed it up on A4 paper which is the perfect width to fit around the bottle.

HP birthday party water bottles

There was also juice and soft drink, but they mostly just drank water. And of course there was birthday cake and Butterbeer…but you’ll have to wait for the next post to see that!

On to the games…

I started by having them choose a wand, or rather, having the wand choose them. I simply had each boy shut his eyes, then feel the wands to see which one fitted nicely in his hand.

Scavenger hunt: I asked the boys to search for some escaped magical creatures. I took inspiration from this idea, but didn’t have a letter to read out. I didn’t think the boys would stay still long enough to read it out and explain what they needed to do! Also, I knew some boys didn’t know the Harry Potter stories, so it wouldn’t have meant much to them.

We had a tub of dragons which were hidden around the Forbidden Forest where our party was sited. I wanted the boys to look carefully for specific creatures, not just the first ones they found. So I put two dabs of coloured nail polish on the base of each wand, and they had to find a dragon of each colour.

They got to take home their magical creatures if they wanted to (and if they could remember where they put them!)

Wingardium Leviosa balloon relay: For this game I needed to divide the boys up into two teams. Rather than using a sorting hat to sort them into houses, I had them randomly choose a red or blue streamer which they tied around their wrist…or their heads! This way no-one could get upset over which team they were on.

We had marked out a games area, and set the two teams up so they could do a relay. Each team had a balloon, and they used their wands and the levitating spell Wingardium Leviosa to complete the relay. They seemed to enjoy this more than I expected! And they obviously had good control of their wands and balloons as they didn’t let the balloons pop until the game was over!


Pin the Snitch on the Wings: I thought we might be over the ‘pin the…’ game, but the birthday boy was keen to have it. I wasn’t in the mood to paint a great picture (like I did last year and the year before), so I came up Pin the Snitch on the Wings. It didn’t take too long to draw and paint. And it reflected the Snitch they would get in their party bags.

HP birthday party Pin the Snitch on the wings (745x1024)

Dementor Tag: If you know how to play Bullrush, you know how to play Dementor Tag 🙂 Using the area we marked out before the party started, one boy was chosen to be the first Dementor. He stood in the middle of the playing area, while the rest of the boys lined up at one end. When told to run, they all tried to make it to the other end without being tagged/tipped by the Dementor. Anyone who was tagged also became a Dementor and tried to catch more boys. They played several rounds of this game, with a new Dementor starting each time. I was fairly sure this game would be popular, and look at the smiles on the faces!

HP birthday party Dementor Tag

They all needed something to eat and drink after that! (Of course, they were able to stop for refreshment at any time.)

To finish the party, we played Quidditch. But I think that deserves a post of its own

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14 thoughts on “Harry Potter-inspired Birthday Party (Part 3, including games and refreshments)

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  3. Looks like you all had so much fun! I’m just sorry my kids are a bit too old for this kind of party, if I had thought of this 10 years ago they would have enjoyed it so much!

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