Card Making, Part 1

With my sister’s birthday coming up shortly, I thought it was time to have a go at making her a card. I have purchased packs of plain cards in the past, ready to do just this, but haven’t done anything about it! They are quite cheap to buy from the discount stores or department stores (like KMart) and make such a difference to a hand-made card.

Card making with blank cards

Inspired by the card making efforts of my friends Annabel (The Bluebirds are Nesting), and Mimi (A Tray of Bliss), I pulled out a stash of old magazines and started looking through them…

*Note to self – allow plenty of time for this part of the card making process!

Card making with magazines

Choosing a theme is a good place to start. We will be celebrating my sister’s birthday in the tropics (very exciting!), so I decided to go with a tropical theme. I looked for tropical flowers, colours, beaches…you get the idea…and cut them out roughly. I gathered some embellishments from around the house – glitter, ribbon, stickers, lace, feathers …whatever you haveCard making with trimmings

Then it’s just a matter of playing around with the pictures you’ve cut out, playing around with them until you are happy with the look

Card making - the idea process


When you are happy, start gluing! Start with the images you want as the base, then work your way up.

Card Making - the process

I added a bit of ribbon, some feather tips, and picked out some details with glitter. Adding textures like these gives more depth and interest to your design, and I think it looks a bit more professional!

Card Making - the finished product

Making your own cards really gives a personalised touch to your gift giving, as well as saving you money. You do know how much cards are to buy, don’t you?

And it’s fun! We will be making some more – including some kid themed, made by a kid. I’m sure he will come up with something completely different to me. But that’s the point, isn’t it?

You can read about the set of cards we made for my mum for her birthday here.


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