Family Holiday to Far North Queensland, part 1

You may remember in my last post, I made a tropical-inspired birthday card for my sister, as we were going to be celebrating her birthday in the tropics? Well, that’s what we did last week! And since I haven’t done much creative work lately, I thought I’d share some photos with you instead 🙂

Along with my parents, and my sister and her family, we enjoyed 5 days of family holiday. We all arrived in Cairns, Far North Queensland, at various times last Sunday. We were the last to arrive, picked up our hire car from Europcar (no affiliation, just got a good price and the car served us well!) and drove the short distance from Cairns airport to The Holiday Inn (again, no affiliation, but they looked after us very well).

It was lovely to quickly catch up with everyone, and briefly plan our first day…

…which was to visit Green Island.

In the morning it was overcast, and the weather got steadily worse as we waited for the boat to take us over to the island. In fact, when our boat arrived, it was cold and raining! But once we arrived, things fined up pretty quickly.

We found a spot on the beach, and set up ‘camp’. Most of our group kitted themselves up with snorkels and masks and headed for the water. The snorkelers were very excited to quietly observe a turtle feeding on sea grass!


I enjoyed the sand between my toes 😉


After a picnic lunch, we went for a glass-bottomed boat tour. It was very clear and sunny by this stage. And there were more turtles! As well as plenty of fish, coral, clams, and all sorts of marine life.



Did you know there is a resort on the island? Can you see it?


Here’s the resort heli-pad:



It doesn’t take too long to walk around the island. Here we are on the rocky side


While we were holidaying in Queensland, my brother Phil was ‘working’ in Port Lincoln, South Australia. He went swimming with sharks, and even ended up on their local news. That’s because he is the creator of Shaaark! and managed to draw a shark cartoon while underwater!

So we thought of him when we saw this


We loved our visit to Green Island, and were interested to find out that it had been named by Captain Cook, after one of his officers. This fitted in nicely for current school studies!

For Tuesday, we planned a trip up to Port Douglas and Mossman, with a stop at Hartley’s Crocodile Farm.

I loved seeing fields of sugar cane as we drove north from Cairns


I took that out the car window as we were driving, so please excuse the out of focus shot.

We stopped for morning tea at Clifton Beach, and the boys had a quick play in the park right beside the ocean. How good is that!


Further north, the landscape changed a bit. I saw signs with the slogan ‘where the rainforest meet the reef’.


We arrived at Hartley’s, and enjoyed wandering around the park seeing all the animals. But we particularly enjoyed the Lagoon Boat Cruise, where we cruised the croc-infested waters of their man-made lagoon in a small boat. We sure got a close-up view!


We also enjoyed the Crocodile Attack Show. The keeper took off his shoes and socks and got in the water with the salt water croc. It was very entertaining!


Here he gets the croc to demonstrate the death roll


It was also interesting to learn about Cassowaries. I purchased up a plush toy the following day to remember them. He has been named Hagrid, after one of Hartley’s crocs. Here he is joining us for dinner


We enjoyed Hartley’s Crocodile Farm so much we were there longer than we planned, and didn’t end up getting to Port Douglas or Mossman at all.

We had some delicious meals while we were away. Here’s one of my favourites – bugs! And the potato salad (with lots of greenery) accompaniment was just as mouth watering


So there’s our first two days of holiday. Stay tuned for more 🙂

Have you visited Cairns? What did you enjoy most?


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