Family Holiday to Far North Queensland, Part 2


Following on from my last post, here is the next instalment of our family holiday 🙂             It seems so long ago…in the meantime we’ve had school holidays and more family fun, and all the usual things that go along with that!

So sit back and prepare for another photo overload, this time of our visit to Kuranda…

There are plenty of tours you can arrange to get you up to Kuranda directly from your accommodation in Cairns, but I can definitely recommend the self-drive Skyrail/train option. We drove ourselves to the Cairns Skyrail station in the morning, were taken up the mountain via cablecar, enjoyed a couple of hours wandering around Kuranda, then caught the scenic railway back down to Cairns where we were bussed back to our car ready to drive ourselves back to our hotel. Or you can do it the other way round.

It was an overcast morning, and a bit drizzly as we set out on the Skyrail. I’m sure there were some amazing views over Cairns…


We had a couple of stops on the way up, with the weather improving as the morning went on. Here we are admiring Barron Falls


It’s the end of the dry season, so the Falls weren’t doing a lot of ‘falling’, but were spectacular anyway.

We were told to look out for a crocodile ‘sunning’ himself on a log, and were very excited when we spotted him! (Remember, we are a very long way above him, and we had to look out the back of the cablecar to see him, so it was very difficult to get a clear photo. And thanks to my sister Liz, who took this photo. My croc photos were very blurry!)


By the time we arrived at Kuranda, it was sunny and clear!


We enjoyed a scenic walk into the main part of town, where we separated and explored the bazaar and markets


There were treasures to be found, and interesting things to see! Here is a selection:

Tasting, and then producing, sugar cane juice. Our juice was mixed with ginger, and it was so delicious and refreshing!



We discovered Dr Who’s TARDIS (actually an electricity box)!


We came across this very cool airplane that had been used (crash scene) in the movie Sky Pirates, filmed in the 1980s. It was originally built in 1942 in California, and named Geronimo. It was part of the USA 5th Air Force and was based in Brisbane. It was handed over to the Australian Government in 1945. For the next 35 or so years it operated as a passenger aircraft for several Australian airlines, then aerial survey work. The plane was re-named Miss Fortune for the movie, in 1983.


We learnt about Cassowaries and how they are endangered on our visit to Hartley’s Crocodile Farm.


Fun backdrop to this seat


Kuranda railway station is something to behold



The train features heritage style carriages, and I was amused to see this sign at the entrance to the carriage. The steps were indeed very steep and narrow, so it was a timely reminder to take care!


And to finish, here are some photos from our train journey back down to Cairns. It was a wonderful way to travel!


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