An Orchid Makes a Stunning and Elegant Gift

A couple of friends had birthdays recently, and, as I was wondering what to give them, I noticed the florist that I pass weekly was selling off some of their orchids. From time to time they mark down the orchids that have been there for a while, and are in need of a little sunshine. They normally sell for $40, the marked down pots are $10. Exactly the same, just up to a week ‘older’ than the current plants!


(Photo taken with permission)

So I bought a couple! I already have several of my own at home, and they are all doing very well ūüôā

They need a little work. Firstly I remove them from the plastic sleeve inside the pot and trim the dead or rotten roots. Then I repot them into a slightly bigger pot. Not a lot bigger, just enough to give the roots a little more room. Since I have other orchids of my own, I have a bag of orchid potting mix, which cost me around $10. I might use a handful or two per orchid to top up the new pot.

Orchids like to be shallow planted. If you have a suitable container, that’s great. I have just re-potted mine in the usual black plastic pots and they are doing well. When indoors, I just pop the unattractive black pots in nicer ceramic ones.

I throw on a small sprinkle of organic orchid fertiliser. Again, the tub cost me around $10 and I have it for my own plants.


A good watering, a day or two outside in the shade enjoying the fresh air, and they are looking very happy! I brought out my other orchids as well, since the weather seemed perfect.


All they need is some attractive wrapping, and my friends have gifts that would have cost $40 each, but actually cost me a fraction over $10 (with the potting mix and fertiliser). And a bit of time.

I used paper that had been saved from a bunch of flowers. It’s thicker and stronger than normal tissue paper, so adds to the professional look. Add a big bow, and it’s done!


All that needs to be done now is to find a spot in the home that receives plenty of indirect sunlight, is not drafty, and¬†is neither too hot nor too cold. An occasional holiday outside in the fresh air and¬†and/or some¬†light rain, and¬†the orchid¬†will look great for years! Here’s one site I found with some growing tips.

Have you got orchids in your home? They are such an exotic looking plant, and so beautiful. Once you find the perfect spot in your home, they should continue to look fabulous!

Check out your local florist, perhaps they also sell off their potted plants after they’ve been indoors for a while.


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