Halloween Playlist

I’m sitting here ripping up an old sheet to use as a Halloween decoration, listening to the Halloween playlist I just made up, and I thought I would share 🙂

Not quite sure how the torn sheet decoration is going to work, but you can check my Halloween Pinterest board and see if you can work out what my inspiration was…


But as I was browsing Pinterest recently, I noticed some Halloween party song lists. Whilst Halloween trick or treating seems to be gathering momentum here in Australia, Halloween parties don’t seem quite so common. Well, not for our kids’ ages anyway.  But I thought it would still be a great idea to play music out the window when kids come trick or treating. I haven’t seen or heard anyone else doing that around here!

So I had a look through my eclectic music collection, and came up with this list:


I’ve had it playing on repeat today, and while I am getting a bit tired of it now (!), I think it will work well on the night 🙂

Our young man has decided he is again going to dress as a zombie. Pity we didn’t keep the outfit we made last year! But, as luck would have it, a local church had a flea market on today and we picked up a ‘new’ pair of shorts for $1.25 which will do the job nicely. Another t-shirt sourced from his bedroom, and we’ve got an outfit.

The weather isn’t looking too good for this weekend, so most of our decorations will have to go up on Monday, when the weather is supposed to clear. We’ll see what happens!

Do you have any favourite Halloween songs?


One thought on “Halloween Playlist

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