You’ve Been Tinselled!

Some years ago, I came across the ‘You’ve Been Jingled’ idea on Pinterest, and thought it was great! What a fun tradition to start in our neighbourhood! I had not seen anything along those lines happening around here, nor heard of it anywhere else.

So we dutifully printed up a handful of flyers, selected a few Christmas treats (candy canes, from memory) and secretly left them on the doorsteps of several houses in our street. I wasn’t too keen on the ‘ring and run’ plan, which is why we just left our little packages on the doorstep. We were very excited, and watched the neighbours’ houses closely to see if they were going to follow through… Continue reading

DIY Dreamcatcher

Earlier this year, Mimi over at A Tray of Bliss posted about the Dreamcatcher she had just made. I hadn’t really seen them made like this before, and thought it was just beautiful – and would make a lovely Christmas gift for a niece or two 😉

Of course, now I see them everywhere, including all over Pinterest! I know, sometimes it takes me a little while to catch up…lol

So I started amassing doyleys. I picked up a few at an Op Shop for just a couple of dollars, but then discovered that there were plenty of them within the family!

dreamcatcher-1 Continue reading

Halloween – Is It Just Another Commercialised Event?

Halloween is done and dusted for another year. Did you participate? Is it a big thing in your area?

And the big question – why do you participate?

Every year on my local area mums’ Facebook group there is much discussion in the lead-up to Halloween, wondering about the whys and why nots of participation. Many people who don’t like to join in thought that it really was just another commercialised festival and they were having none of it. Fair comment.

So let’s talk about that. You can read my thoughts and research into Halloween here and here from the past couple of years. As I was growing up, it was not an event that was celebrated much at all. But things have certainly changed! Continue reading