Replenishing Cleaning Supplies

I have almost finished my laundry liquid supply, so it was time to make some more. And while I was at it, I made some more handwash! I had read a tip about some extra ingredients to add to the handwash, so I wanted to give that a try.

And there’s not much to either of these soaps. They look kinda the same while they are being made…

laundry liquidYou can see how I make laundry liquid here. All I use is Lux soap flakes, washing soda, and water. Boil it up together until it has dissolved, and that’s just about it!

I still love it unscented, but might add some Tea Tree oil to one bottle to see how that goes. We’ve had so much rain here the last month or so, and not a lot of sun. Strange, since in January we had record-breaking heat! Now there has been record-breaking rainfall. On the plus side, the gardens are looking amazing!

As for the handwash, you can see how I’ve made it before here.

I’d like to note that storing that handwash in glass jars wasn’t the best idea. It thickened up even more over time, so I had to add even more water to the Aldi brand mixture. I couldn’t easily get it out of the big glass jar that I stored some of it in, it was so thick! Most of it I had put straight into dispensers, and it was easy enough to add more water to them so it could be used 🙂

Recently I read a tip to add a splash of shampoo, to make it more sudsy, and some oil, to make it more moisturising. I’m not sure this needs oil as it is very creamy, but today I decided I would try it.

I’ll let you know how it goes once we’ve started using it.

laundry liquid and handwash

I learnt my lesson, so the handwash is in an empty plastic bottle (right). At least I will be able to squeeze it out if it gets too thick!

The laundry liquid (left) is again stored in 2 litre plastic bottles. I have 5 bottles re-filled, so that will keep us going for a while.

And today is lovely and sunny for a change, so I have 2 loads of washing on the line. Hope tomorrow is the same – today was the first game of inter-school soccer (football) of the season, and the field was boggy, muddy, and slippery. The shirt, shorts and socks will all be needing a very good wash lol

Who else makes their own cleaning and washing products?

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