Lovely Lemons!

Recently I had the opportunity to pick a bag full of lemons from a very old lemon tree, before the property passed to the new owners. My poor little lemon tree in a pot at home doesn’t do the best job at producing fruit, so I was very pleased to stock up!

While they don’t look as ‘beautiful’ as shop-bought, their blemishes are only skin deep, and they still taste great! Here they are, with a commercial lemon for comparison


We’ve used some fresh to squeeze over fish, or added to water to drink, and I should probably make my favourite dessert, Lemon Delicious Pudding, while we are having the last burst of cold wintery weather. But I was really looking forward to making microwave lemon curd!

If you love lemons but have never made lemon curd, you really have to try it! It is truly heaven on a spoon! And I have to thank Annabel of The Bluebirds are Nesting for putting me on to making it, many years ago 🙂

I know Annabel is a big fan of lemons, and she does have a recipe for lemon curd/butter on her blog, however I use one that’s a little bit different. There are many variations out there, all very similar, just slightly different ratios of ingredients. Find one that suits you and away you go 🙂 I think the recipe I use came from Simple Savings.

Sometimes lemons that come from old trees have thick skins and not much juice, and I have found that in the past from this particular tree. However these ones are perfect!

juicy lemons

Here’s the recipe I use:

250g (1 cup) white sugar

3 eggs

Finely grated rind, and juice from 3 lemons

125g unsalted butter

In a microwave-safe bowl whisk the sugar and eggs together until smooth. Stir in the lemon juice, rind, and chopped butter.

Microwave on high, stirring after every minute. Cook until the mixture coats the back of a spoon. The time will depend on your microwave, mine took about 6 minutes 🙂

Here is mine ready to go…

lemon mix

…and here it is just a few short minutes later…

lemon curd

This recipe made enough to fill this 600g container. I confess, by the time it had cooled enough to go in the fridge, there wasn’t quite as much! How can you resist, it is just too good! Not to worry, it won’t take long to make more lol

It can be stored in the fridge for a couple of weeks, if it lasts that long. Another tip I learnt from Annabel – you can freeze it. And it doesn’t freeze rock hard, so if you needed to, you could go and sneak a spoonful quite easily. It is a taste sensation! I’ve frozen it in smaller containers, but I know some people freeze it in ice cube trays, then transfer the cubes to a zip-lock bag or other receptacle.

If you can manage to not eat it straight from the spoon (or freezer!), use it on pikelets or pancakes, spread on a cake, or marbled through a basic cake mix before baking. Or our new favourite way – swirled through plain natural or Greek yoghurt.

And don’t throw away the leftover skins. I’m sure many of you are using vinegar in various cleaning routines. Pop the lemon (or any citrus peel) in an empty clean jar, and top up with vinegar. Leave to steep for a couple of weeks, giving it a shake every few days. Then you have super-charged citrus vinegar, which will be perfect for cleaning!

lemon vinegar

And it perfectly suits my sunny yellow kitchen splashback. How good is that!!

Just in case there’s a way to eat lemon curd that we haven’t yet tried, what’s your favourite?

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2 thoughts on “Lovely Lemons!

    • It sure is heaven! I find it very rich, so you really only need a bit to satisfy you.
      Mind you, our new way of eating it – swirled through natural yoghurt – is very, very more-ish, but because it is mixed with yoghurt surely that makes it a little bit healthy??!! xx


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