Spring Door Decoration

Spring has definitely sprung here in Sydney! It’s been a mild and dry old winter, but the warmth is starting to creep in, and short sleeves appearing. Mind you, today is a wild, windy, cold day…

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what to put on my front door to herald the arrival of Spring. (You can see my Winter wreath here.) I have some lovely ideas on my Door Décor Pinterest board, but I was just waiting for some inspiration.

Yesterday was also a very wild and windy day (of course no comparison to those experiencing extreme hurricane related winds), but we were all ‘sweltering’ in 35degC heat! Late in the morning I heard a loud noise and went outside to investigate.This is what I found:



My beloved Grevillea, Pink Surprise, snapped off at the ground 😦 It will definitely leave a big hole – figuratively and literally – in our garden.

It has the most beautiful, delicate, cream and pink flowers.

Since I couldn’t do anything else, I picked the flowers that I could now reach and put them in a silver coffee pot inside the front door. Using old silver as a display seems to be very popular at the moment, and I’ve been using a small silver jug as a vase for a while.

Then inspiration struck me!

These will be the last Pink Surprise flowers I will have, so I should feature them on my front door. While they last.

grevillea on door 1

I have a plastic container inside the coffee pot with water for the flowers.

I wrapped some wire around the top of the pot, then fashioned a loop so I can anchor it over the S hook. It is heavy, but the door is strong enough to hold it, and the wire is quite secure. I also wired the pot’s back ‘feet’ to the door, for extra stability.

grevillea on door 2

grevillea on door 3

I was wanting my Spring ‘wreath’ to be not so wreath-like, so I think this fits perfectly! The grevillea flowers won’t last forever, but I can replace them with something new when that happens.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Door Decoration

  1. Love your wreath but a pity about your lovely tree. We had the terrible wind up here in Queensland too and it arrived on the day some friends and I had arranged to visit one of our Carnival of Flowers gardens. I was saying that if it was that windy here at 40-50kms an hour it must have been terrifying for those in the US with the recent hurricanes/cyclones.

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