Letter From Santa

Do you still have Christmas magic in your house?

At 11 years old, our son may or may not still believe, but we are certainly not going to contribute to any loss of magic in this house! Crackers, our Elf on the Shelf, has been visiting for many Christmasses now and he is still eagerly awaited! The last 2 years we’ve added Tinselling to our Christmas build-up.Ā And we have a great light display which we love looking at, and we hope brings some happiness to our neighbours and other passers by. Our neighbours tell us they love it, anyway…lol.

But this year I wanted to add something more… Continue reading

Card Making, Part 2

It was my mum’s birthday on the weekend, and as I was considering what to get the lady who has everything (!) I think I came up with a brilliant idea for her! It is very simple, but does require a bit of forward planning. And it’s something that anyone can do šŸ™‚

My son loves drawing. He is very proud of his drawings, and usually scans a copy to give to his grandmother. She has pictures from all the grandchildren stuck up all around the house! So I decided to come up with something usingĀ his drawings, that would also be useful. And she often writes andĀ posts cards and letters, so that’s what I made. Continue reading

Grown Up Advent Calendar

It’s December! Christmas is nearly here!!

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any ads pop up for alcoholic advent collections (I guess you can hardly call them ‘calendars’) but what great idea! They are not cheap as far as Advent Calendars go, but they areĀ a bit of fun. They come in beer and cider varieties, as well as wine, flat and sparkling, and all the mini bottles of spirits. Just google alcohol Advent Calendar and see all the different versions!

So, rather than send my money off to one of these companies, I decided I’d make one myself for the beer drinker of the house (not me!) Continue reading