Trampolining Bunny Easter Hat…and a catch up

It’s been a while since I posted, so this is going to be rather photo-filled as I catch you up with what we’ve been up to!

My sister and her family have been visiting from Hong Kong for the past few weeks, so we’ve had some large family outings gatherings, culminating in a special party last weekend celebrating our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary!

I’ll start with the hat for the annual school Easter Hat Parade, even though it was a while ago now! Our son is in 6th grade, so this will be the last (I assume!) hat we’ll make 😦 And it didn’t turn out quite as well as we’d pictured it, but it was quite unique so I’ll share it with you anyway.

We try and match the hat to his current favourite things…but it was hard to come up with a new theme this year. After much thinking it dawned on me that he has been loving jumping on the trampoline – and so we decided to incorporate that into the hat, and have the Easter Bunny jumping and having his eggs bounce around too!

Easter hat 3

We used an old hat we already had, and painted the brim green.

As for the trampoline, well just about all of them have safety nets these days, so we used some old shade cloth and wooden skewers to create the look.

green brim

The skewers were painted grey and cut to length, then we used a hot glue gun to attach it all.

We tried making springs from wire, but they weren’t strong enough to hold up the small bunny, even when we put two together.

bunny on spring

When we were getting quite despondent about how we could get the bunny to bounce, a proper strong spring was found! It wasn’t quite as long as we needed it, and a bit too strong to give bunny much movement, but it worked better than the DIY options we had.

I bought some decorative Easter eggs on wire, and we twisted that into spirals. They worked ok. But, as you can see below, we had a few goes with Mr Easter Bunny before he found his spot…Hot glue is unforgiving!


The hat was a bit boring as it was, so at the last minute we decided to add some grass for more texture. All I could find in the shops was this curling ribbon, but it did the trick!

Easter hat 1 (1)

Easter hat 2

So there’s the Easter Bunny jumping on the trampoline and losing his eggs 🙂

If you’d like to stay a while longer, here’s a few more things we’ve been up to recently…

Every year we make a family trip to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It’s a tradition! Easter isn’t during the school holidays this year, so we took the kids out of school for the day. It was extra fun because my sister’s boys have never been before! This year we had 17 people in our family group, from 3 generations!

We enjoy the agricultural exhibits, and watching some of the demonstrations like woodchopping. Here we meet some beautiful police horses

easter show police horse

This year we were particularly keen to check out the Arts and Crafts pavilion so we could see this:

leopard drawing

He was pretty excited that his leopard drawing was selected to be hung! I believe they have over 4500 artworks entered, so it’s very special to have yours selected. His friend’s drawing was also hung, so that made them both very proud.

This drawing will definitely be included in this year’s home made card set!

The kids are big enough to want to go on some decent rides now, and they have their favourites. But walking around the ride alleys is part of the fun

easter show ride alley

Because we went on a school day, it was less busy than it could have been. In fact, it was almost a private run on the dodgems!

easter show dodgems

After all the fun of the day, we settle down in the main arena to watch the entertainment. We like to sit right down the front! We loved the circus themed show this year!

It’s a very long day, but we wouldn’t miss it for anything!

It was my father’s birthday over Easter, and we started his special day with a bbq breakfast down at the local national park. We are so lucky to live here! We followed breakfast with a bit of a walk



The main event of my sister’s visit was to celebrate our parents’ 50th (golden) wedding anniversary – even though the actual anniversary is still a few more days away! We had all been idea gathering and planning for months!

Mum and dad wanted to have the party on their property in the Hunter Valley. Mum wanted it quite simple with a gold and white theme.

The kids put together the table decorations, using gum nuts and leaves. Mum had phalaenopsis orchids in her wedding bouquet, so they also decorated the table.

place settings


One sister did some very delicious salads which went perfectly with the spit roasted lamb and pork. There was plenty of food!

farm dinner table

My visiting sister had found mum’s wedding notes, as well as all the albums. With her 2 boys, they put together a presentation using photos and notes from these books. This was projected on the side of the house


Between us 4 children, we came up with ’50 things we’ve learnt from our parents’. This was printed and framed for them

50 things

Mum asked me to make a cake. She found one that she liked, and asked me to make something like it. You can see her inspiration here.

Fondant is scary stuff to work with (if you’re not a cake decorator, which I’m not!), and we’ve had some hot and humid weather here. So I cut the daisy flowers a few at a time over a couple of weeks. I was very lucky to be able to borrow the cutters from a friend,  you can see some of her lovely cakes on Instagram.

I made a chocolate mud cake, and chocolate ganache, with recipes from the Planet Cake website. I’ve done a couple of decorating courses with them many years ago which were great fun!

I was very happy with how my cake turned out, as were all the guests lol


Sparklers were added when it came time to cut it


The grandkids did a great job setting up, serving and generally helping, but they also loved being able to have their cousin council. That’s what they’ve named their get-togethers!

Here they are during the afternoon

cousin council

and later in the night


In fact, we all ended up by the campfire after dinner!

The next morning we all re-gathered for breakfast

farm breakfast

After cleaning up, packing up, and saying goodbye to Saffy, we all set off for home.


Safe to say it’s been busy around here lately, but lots of fun! And today was the last day of 1st term, so we have 2 weeks holiday. Yay!

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