Choc Coconut Bliss Balls

Our young son does a lot of sport, and it’s important that he has something to eat beforehand to give him the energy he needs. I’ve tried making protein balls before, and they haven’t been as successful as I’d like. As in, they taste pretty good to me, but the sports dude will eat one or two before saying that he doesn’t really want any more 😦

Until now!

choc coco ball

Earlier this week I made some chocolate coconut balls for him to take and share at a friend’s house before they went off to their tae kwon do class. Perhaps it was because he was with his mates, and they were hungry after school, but they seemed to be a hit!

I only made a small amount, making the recipe up as I went along, so I needed to try and re-create them ready for the next day.

There are many recipes out there, but I found this table the most helpful
protein ball formula

Found on Pomegranate Bandit blog and pinned to my Yum! board on Pinterest 🙂

So I don’t have a recipe to share with you, but here’s my list of ingredients:

Dates, almonds, cocoa powder, honey, dessicated coconut, milk powder.

I soaked about 1 cup’s worth of dates (actually a bit more than a cup, because that was what was left in the packet) in some hot water until soft, then I chopped them up. This checked for any stray date seeds, and made it easier for my blender to process them.

The chopped dates and a good handful of whole almonds went in the blender and processed until a chunky paste formed. Add some of the water that your dates soaked in to help with this.

I think my mistake before has been to not make the balls taste chocolate-y enough (I like dates, but apparently not everyone does!) so I made sure to add quite a lot of cocoa powder this time. I started with a cup, but added more as I went on to get the consistency right. Some more date water helped bring it together.

Add in your desiccated coconut, and milk powder for calcium and a bit of extra protein. Because I had some, I also added a small amount of acai and supergreens powders.

Since I had so much cocoa the mix wasn’t very sweet, so I added some honey. At least a tablespoon.

Then it’s just a matter of tasting it, and adding whatever is needed to get a stiff consistency so you can roll it into balls. I needed to add a lot more dry ingredients. I would have liked to add a lot more coconut but I was at the end of that packet too!
date mix

Form bite-sized amounts into balls and roll them in coconut, then put them in the fridge to set. They freeze well too!
choc coconut balls
I’m no nutritionist so I wouldn’t like to call these health, energy or protein balls. But I love the name Bliss Balls! And I feel they are a much healthier alternative to other packaged snacks.

Several were gobbled up yesterday before swimming, and he would have eaten more if I’d let him!

They’d be great in school lunch boxes as well, if you leave out the nuts.

And they are perfect with your morning or afternoon cuppa!

I will make some more and try some different combinations, but will be sure to keep a stash of these chocolatey ones. I think it helps that I didn’t call them date balls lol