Succulents in a shoe!

Succulents have never really been my thing; I prefer my plants to be a bit more colourful and flowery. And if they smell good, that’s even better! But after seeing how popular they are, last Christmas I decided to try my hand at propagating some to sell for a little bit of Christmas pocket money.

I found a selection of large teacups, got the Man of The House to drill some drainage holes, and potted up my little plants. I sold some, but here are the ones I have left

succulent teacups 2 (1)

I’ll tidy them up a bit, then see if they will go this Christmas! I have enjoyed having them around 🙂 They didn’t look so bad, so I found some bigger pots and planted some more…
succulent pots

They seem to grow quite easily, and I have to admit, they look ok!

One day recently, an image popped up of succulents growing in a bright coloured shoe. (You can see an example on my Garden Pinterest board). I thought it looked very cool, so whenever I’ve visited an op shop since then, I’ve been looking for something I could use. And finally I found this bright pair:

succulent planters

Not the work boots, obviously! These belong to the Man of The House, and the zip just broke. So I commandeered them!

Back to the shoes. I sprayed them with waterproofing shoe spray to try and keep them looking as good as they can for as long as they can.

Both pairs had drainage holes drilled in the soles.

Then it’s just a matter of filling them with succulent potting mix, and adding some plants!

succulent boots and shoes

I’ve only just planted these up, so will leave them a week or two to settle.

succulent shoes

succulent boots

succulent boots

There seems to be no end to what people use to plant succulents in, so have fun with what you can find around the house and start growing!

I am no expert of propagating and growing succulents, so if you want to try this yourself there are plenty of people offering instructions out there in internet-land 🙂 I’ve pinned a few on my Garden board. But it’s not difficult, so give it a go!

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