Tea Towel Cushion Cover

It was way past time to replace the old, worn cushion covers on our lounge. And I thought that perhaps it might be an opportunity to have a couple of seasonal covers, so we can mix things up from time to time 🙂

With that in mind, and having seen the idea of using tea towels (kitchen or dish towels) to do this, I purchased 2 summer-themed towels at the end of last year. You know, when summer was starting here in Australia lol. I found these at KMart:

tea towel cushion cover 1I washed them in readiness, but as you can see, I didn’t bother ironing them. I’ll do that next time I have the iron out, I promise…

When I had my sewing machine out recently making produce bags, I thought I’d better get all the outstanding sewing projects done as it doesn’t come out very often. So I went looking for a tutorial to make an envelope-style cushion cover. Who wants to bother with buttons or some other type of closure if you don’t have to!

There are plenty of posts out there on how to do this, but the one that I found easiest to follow was this one from The Crazy Craft Lady, which I’ve pinned to my Craft Pinterest board. I still had to watch her video several times over, and then several more times with my finger on the pause button, but I got there in the end!

Let’s see if I can explain how it’s done (but definitely go and watch Aimee’s video):

The first step is to sew the two tea towels together, right sides in, along the bottom.

Open them up, and fold down the top of one towel. This is where I measured it against my pillow insert. When I say measured, I placed my pillow on top of the towel, against the bottom hem, and folded over at the height of my pillow. Sew along this fold.

tea towel cushion cover 2

Bring up the other towel, tuck it under the fold you just made, turning it’s top down as well. Leave a bit of space between the two top folds, this is where the ‘envelope’ look is created. It got a bit (a lot) confusing trying to work out how it was going to come together!

tea towel cushion cover 3

All you do now is sew down both sides, turn it inside out, and stuff your pillow inside! Here is the back of the finished cover, showing you how the folding all worked

tea towel cushion cover 4

And here is the front

tea towel cushion cover 5

Seriously, go and watch Aimee’s video 🙂

tea towel cushion cover 6

Now that I know how easy it is, I’ll be looking for some more co-ordinating summer themed tea towels (now that we’re coming to the end of summer…) so I can make some more! Perhaps I’ll just start on the winter ones…

These tea towels cost $3 each, so it makes for a very economical cushion cover. You can often find lovely vintage ones in Op Shops for next to nothing as well. Or raid your mother’s or grandmothers’ stash of souvenir tea towels.  Try co-ordinating different colours and patterns on each side for an interesting look. I’ll definitely be making more cushion covers using this method!

I already have my next sewing project under way before my machine goes back in the cupboard, so look out for that soon!

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