Scarf organisation

It’s been a bit quiet around here, sorry about that. I have no excuses!

Today I have a very quick and easy way to organise your scarves. Most likely you all do this already, and I am only just catching up…

I wasn’t always a scarf wearer. I really dislike things around my neck. I never wear a polo neck top for that reason. I also don’t even like a high round-neck top. (Please note – I have no problems with anyone else choosing to wear these things that I don’t!) But after a few winters of walking to and from school, watching soccer training and weekly games, and sitting beside the outdoor swimming pool, I couldn’t take being cold any longer. So I joined the ranks of scarf wearers!

I now have a reasonable collection of scarves in various colours and textures. You can’t be seen to be wearing the same one two days in a row, can you now lol

The back of my bedroom door very conveniently has a couple of hooks on which I hang my coat, my dressing gown, and the main scarves I wear regularly. They sit there all year behind the door, out of the way.


But they don’t look very tidy, and it can be annoying pulling one out from the bottom of the pile.

I’m sure I’ve seen this idea on Pinterest, however I’ve never pinned it. It just occurred to me when I was shopping this morning that I should pick up one of those shoe organisers and store them in that. I think the idea I’ve seen is to use a pocket-type shoe organiser, but I wasn’t sure some of my thicker scarves would fit in a pocket.

So, for just $8.50 in KMart, I picked up a shelf-type shoe organiser; one that hangs inside your wardrobe from the clothes rail. I have 15 scarves installed in this organiser so far.

Neat scarves

I neatly rolled the scarves up which will keep them looking smarter. It will be so much easier to access the one I want.

Even though we are have just started Autumn here in Australia, today is the first day that has been cool. And it’s rained for the first time in I don’t know how long! So perhaps it won’t be too long before I can test out just how convenient this ‘new’ system is 🙂

Scarf organisation

I am feeling like I’ve done a very good job organising the mess that was hiding behind my bedroom door. Even if it was only a 5 minute job… Virtual pat on the back for me!

What great ideas do you have for organising scarves?

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Toilet bombs – a fun way to clean your toilet, even the kids will want to do it!

While we were making Eucalyptus Shower Disks last week, I remembered another ‘disk’ we had made before – toilet bombs! The method for making them is very similar to the shower disks, but the ingredients are slightly different.

When you drop one of these bombs in your toilet, they start fizzing which means they are cleaning and deodorising your toilet bowl. And once your children see this, they will want to ‘clean’ the toilet regularly!

I found this idea on Maria’s Self blog, and it is pinned on my Organisation and Cleaning Pinterest board 🙂

If you ever had a go making bath bombs when they first became popular (was it in the 90s? Perhaps…) you will recognise these fizzy bombs 😉

So, Maria’s recipe is:

–1 1/3 cup Baking Soda – amazing for all-natural cleaning AND deodorizing!
–1/2 cup Citric Acid(low-strength acid that exists naturally in fruits like lemons & oranges) – used in many kitchen & bathroom cleaners for its cleaning, whitening & deodorizing properties

–30 drops Lavender Essential Oil***

–30 drops Peppermint Essential Oil***

–30 drops Lemon Essential Oil***
Medical Mask
Baking soda is soda bicarbonate – or bicarb for short. It is not to be confused with baking powder. You can buy bicarb and citric acid in the baking section of your supermarket. It would be cheaper to buy them in bulk if you can locate a supplier, but they are only a couple of dollars each at the supermarket.
Apart from using Citric Acid in your home made jam and cordial, it is great for cleaning. Try it in your dishwasher or coffee maker to keep them sparkling!
Not having essential oils at hand, I used tea tree oil instead:
3 ingredient toilet bombs . (1024x661)

So, put your bicarb and citric acid in a bowl, then very slowly add your oil. As in drip by drip. You need to constantly stir the mix as you want it to not fizz….well, not until it goes in your toilet! It helps to have someone to help, so I poured the oil while my son did a great job stirring

toilet bombs (1024x683)

I added a drop or two of blue food colouring as we had just made the shower disks and didn’t want to get them confused!

I just kept adding the tea tree oil until the mixture held together. Maria suggests adding a little water to get the right consistency. Whatever you do, do it slowly and don’t let it fizz!

Once it holds together, spoon it into your moulds and squash it down. I used silicone cupcake moulds again, but use what you have 🙂

Toilet bombs - (683x1024)

Leave to dry for several hours, then pop them out of the moulds and let them dry completely. Then you can store them in a container in your bathroom, ready for use!

I drop one in after flushing the toilet. Watch it fizz and dissolve, then you can leave it to do its work. You can even leave it overnight, then give a bit of a scrub and flush again. If your toilet bomb doesn’t fizz terribly much it could be because the citric acid was not fresh, or perhaps it fizzed too much while the bomb was being made. So it just won’t do as good a job.

As far as I am aware, this is good to use in septic systems, but as we don’t have one you might want to check with whoever would know for sure.

Maria also uses her disks in several other ways, such as washing her fruit and as a facial cleanser. I haven’t tried those and not sure I would. But I might try cleaning under my fingernails with them, or using one in the dishwasher!

In what ways have you ever used citric acid?

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The best homemade household cleaner

If you are wanting to reduce the amount of chemicals used in your home, this all-purpose cleaner could be just what you’re looking for. If you are sick of all those products with strong, fake smells, this all-purpose cleaner could be for you. If you are sick of paying heaps of money for various cleaning products, this all-purpose cleaner really could be for you!

I found this recipe, like several others I have shared here and will no doubt continue to share, on the Simple Savings website. (You do need to be a member to access most of the great tips on the site.) It was contributed by a lady named Becky-Lee, whose mother was very ill – she was allergic to most cleaning products, and had an auto-immune disease, so it was a difficult situation.

This cleaner is often referred to as the ‘magic’ or ‘miracle’ cleaner on that site, and is very popular. Some people have found it is not so good on some surfaces such as polished or varnished wood. As with all new products, you should always test first in an inconspicuous spot.

I’ve been using it for years, with no problems. It is fantastic in the bathroom, and great for cleaning your kitchen benches. And makes your tiled floor come up looking lovely!

Homemade household cleaner.

So, here’s what you need:

1 litre water
200ml white vinegar
40ml detergent
40ml eucalyptus oil
2 dessertspoons washing soda

Mix it all together and it’s ready!

I make it up in an empty 2 litre plastic milk or juice bottle, then dispense into smaller spray bottles. I have one spray bottle in the bathroom, and another for the kitchen.

It’s also important to note that the washing soda and vinegar will fizz up when added together. Do this bit first so it is in the bottom of your container and doesn’t fizz over the top! Swirl it around to dissolve the crystals, then add the rest of the ingredients 🙂

You can use whatever vinegar you have on hand, and a generic brand is perfectly fine. You’re probably better off having some cheap white vinegar in your cupboard so you don’t have to waste the gourmet white wine vinegar you use on your salad 😉 There are plenty of uses for it around the home that are not food related.

Washing soda can be found in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket, but you’ll probably have to look for it on the top or bottom shelves. I also use washing soda in my laundry liquid.

Eucalyptus oil is included for it’s cleaning and disinfecting qualities, but you could substitute Tea Tree oil, citrus, lavender or any other oil. You could add something just to make it smell delicious if you want. Or you could leave it out altogether. I alternate using Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils when I make up a batch.

You can dilute this down even further and it still does a great job.

I add about 60ml to a bucket of warm water to mop my floors. It’s fine to slosh it around the tiles in the bathroom, but I am careful to squeeze my mop out until it just damp to use on my kitchen floating floor.

Some people have even used this as a pre-wash stain remover, but I haven’t tried that. I use this recipe.

I don’t like that chemical ‘I’ve just cleaned’ smell, particularly if you are doing a quick wipe over before visitors arrive. Makes it look like you only cleaned because you had people coming over. Which may well be true…but you don’t want to advertise that!

This cleaner just smells fresh and clean. And I like that 🙂

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