Succulents in a shoe!

Succulents have never really been my thing; I prefer my plants to be a bit more colourful and flowery. And if they smell good, that’s even better! But after seeing how popular they are, last Christmas I decided to try my hand at propagating some to sell for a little bit of Christmas pocket money.

I found a selection of large teacups, got the Man of The House to drill some drainage holes, and potted up my little plants. I sold some, but here are the ones I have left

succulent teacups 2 (1)

I’ll tidy them up a bit, then see if they will go this Christmas! I have enjoyed having them around 🙂 Continue reading

Personalised Tea (Kitchen) Towel

I love this tea (kitchen) towel that we made many years ago, and wondered why I hadn’t shared it here before now!

We made these to give to family for Christmas. They do take a bit of time and planning, but are definitely a one-of-a-kind item! And it can get a bit messy 😉

I used good quality vintage pillowcases. They were old family linen, but were sitting unused in my cupboard. I didn’t want to throw them out, so I up-cycled them!

(Please pardon these rather un-edited photos – I have a new computer and haven’t quite got the new photo editing system down pat yet.)

teatowel 1

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Bookmark with Pen Holder

I saw this great idea for a bookmark last year, with the plan to make some to send to a few friends for Christmas…but that didn’t quite happen! So it’s been sitting there on my Gifts and Wrapping Ideas Pinterest board just waiting. I had some fabric left over from making the Beach Towel with Pillow, and that is what I wanted to use. And now I have!


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