One of a kind Pokémon quilt cover

First of all, happy 2017! I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Christmas and New Year period with family and friends!

Here’s a very brief look at our Christmas Day, held at our house


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DIY Fairy Wings

Christmas presents for our nephews and nieces have a $10 limit now that they are a bit older. The dreamcatcher I made for my eldest niece definitely came under the dollar limit, and these fairy wings I’ve made for my youngest niece do too!

I found two different styles of fairy wings on Pinterest that I liked, here and here. I initially was going to go with the first style, since I had some pink, floaty chiffon which I had found at an Op Shop some years ago for $5 (it was a curtain). But a quick look through the discount rack at Spotlight led me to some gorgeous pink lacy fabric. The amount I’ve used for the wings cost me about $2.50. So I ended up making both styles of wings!


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You’ve Been Tinselled!

Some years ago, I came across the ‘You’ve Been Jingled’ idea on Pinterest, and thought it was great! What a fun tradition to start in our neighbourhood! I had not seen anything along those lines happening around here, nor heard of it anywhere else.

So we dutifully printed up a handful of flyers, selected a few Christmas treats (candy canes, from memory) and secretly left them on the doorsteps of several houses in our street. I wasn’t too keen on the ‘ring and run’ plan, which is why we just left our little packages on the doorstep. We were very excited, and watched the neighbours’ houses closely to see if they were going to follow through… Continue reading