Beauty Pins I’ve Tried – Moisturising Lip Balm

Who doesn’t get sore, dry lips from time to time? I do, and my son definitely does. I make sure we are sufficiently hydrated as that can cause dry skin, but sometimes the wind and/or dry weather can wreak havoc with our complexions, despite all our good intentions!

Thankfully at the moment here in Sydney, Australia, it is neither windy nor dry, being the middle of a humid summer. But we still look for the lip balm on occasion, and the push-up style ones we favour are always missing or nearly empty.

Now, lip balms are not particularly expensive, you can get them on special for a few dollars. But when there are none to be found in the house, and I did the weekly shopping just yesterday…well, you can see where this is heading!

I have actually already made a batch of this, so I could report on whether or not it was a success. My son is quite particular with his lip balms, we have tried a few brands and all the moisturising ones do a reasonable job. And this one does as good a job as any! So we are happy 🙂

You can follow my Pinterest ‘Beauty’ board here, and I found the lip balm idea on Everyday Roots.

I collected all the empty tubes I could find, and located my ingredients. I used beeswax pellets, coconut oil, and macadamia oil. I prefer not to add any fragrance, but that is up to you. The original link also includes organic honey and vitamin E capsules, I don’t have those around so didn’t use them. You can read about the various benefits of using these ingredients at that link too. - Lip Balm The beeswax takes the longest to melt, so start with that in your double boiler. I rarely measure accurately, but I used roughly a tablespoon today. Once that has melted, add the coconut, then the macadamia oils. I used a little less than a tablespoon of these (combined) as I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t liquefy at all.

When it has all melted and combined, pour the mix into your moulds. Done! This amount filled 3 lip balm tubes, and two contact lens cases. Any small, clean container will do. Leave it to set, then it’s ready for use!  Moisturising Lip Balm How do you deal with dry lips? * This post has been added to the link-up party on Mimi’s blog A Tray of Bliss. Also The Pin Junkie, and Pin-n-Tell