Halloween Spider Tiara

As I was trawling Pinterest recently looking for new Halloween ideas, I came across a spider crown tutorial and immediately pinned it to my Halloween board. How stunning! So simple, but very effective!

I had no intentions of going to the shops to buy spiders, but I knew I had a small number in my Halloween stash. Our decorations will go up on the weekend – here in Australia, if we are decorating, we mostly tend to only put them up for a couple of days although there are some houses which are decorated for longer. So I pulled out the box and went searching for spiders… Continue reading

Halloween 2015

Last year I wrote about my thoughts on Halloween in Australia, and shared how we decorated our house.

This year my thoughts haven’t changed, I don’t understand it or why we celebrate it, and I’m quite certain that the majority of kids wouldn’t be able to explain why they are out Trick or Treating. However, we are still happy to embrace the community spirit and atmosphere. We all enjoyed our long walk around the neighbourhood before returning to our friends’ home for dinner and a laugh.

Our decorations were quite similar to last year, some were in different spots in the garden, so I will just let the photos do the story telling 🙂

Cute battery operated pumpkin lights

Halloween pumpkin lights . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

Ghost tinsel

Halloween garden . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

Our Magnolia is always heavily laden with Spanish Moss

Halloween Spanish Moss . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

A few surprises among the plants

Halloween garden collage sawitdidit.wordpress.comHalloween freaky decoration . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

Graveyard in its ‘new’ spot – the rose garden now has roses in it!

Halloween garden decoration . sawitdidt.wordpress.com

Our Treat table. The mini tic tacs were very popular, I hope I can find them again next year!

Halloween treats . sawtdidit.wordpress.com

Trick or Treating with friends
Halloween trick or treating . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

The loot (see my previous post for costume details)

Halloween stash . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

Some Halloween snacks we took – Eggy eyeballs: curried or devilled eggs, topped with a slice of olive, and red food colouring detail

Halloween eggy eyeballs . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

French Onion Dip (sour cream mixed with packet French Onion soup mix to taste) with a couple of drops of blue food colouring, carrot slivers making the spiderweb design. The dip was too thin/carrot sticks too heavy and they sank into the dip quickly. Would make a different type of dip next time

Halloween spiderweb dip . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

How did my ideas on stopping Trick or Treaters entering after all our treats had gone? Not well at all. As well as this tape across the arch, there was tape across the front of the driveway, and my sign was attached to that. All had quite obviously been walked over. We even had a group knock on our door shortly before 9pm, just after we got home. Apart from the fairy lights which are on every night, there were no other lights on to suggest we would be available. I will add a more obvious sign next year and see if that makes a difference. If anyone has a tried and tested way to let people know not knock I would be interested in hearing about it!

Halloween 'Beware' - but did it stop people from entering . sawitdidit.wordpress

To all of you who chose to celebrate last night, I hope you had a great time! If you chose not to, I hope you enjoyed a semi-peaceful evening!

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Not Too Scary Halloween Zombie Child

I did forget to take photos during the character creating process, but here’s how I created my Not Too Scary Halloween Zombie Child 🙂

When I was searching Pinterest for inspiration, I was surprised by the ‘scariness’ of supposed kid-friendly Halloween make-up. I just don’t understand it… and that’s all I should probably say on the subject.

But using some of the techniques I found and pinned, we were able to come up with a costume that we were all happy with.

I lightened his face by brushing with cornflour (which didn’t really work) and talcum powder (which gave a tiny amount of lightness). Then I added a charcoal colour around his eyes, the creases of his nose, around his mouth, and around the hair- and chin-line, and blended it in. We added no scars, blood or anything else from the gore department. His hair was gelled and messed up.

Halloween zombie boy . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

We found some shorts that had some holes already and added rips. The t-shirt was too small and due to be donated to the op shop, so it got ripped as well. He had fun jumping around on the shorts and shirt in the dirt!

Apologies for these photos, I took them on my phone just before we left to go to our friends’ house.

zombie boy 1 . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

And that’s it! Costume created!