Halloween 2018 – Spider Biscuits

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, it was going to be a busy afternoon for the boys!

On Wednesdays, our son does tae kwon do after school with a couple of his mates. They go straight from school to one of the boy’s houses as he lives close to where the class is held.  So, to make some sort of contribution to this weekly visit, I make afternoon tea which I deliver during the day. Mimi’s chocolate cake is a favourite, but I try to make different things and try out new recipes from time to time. So it was a perfect opportunity to make a Halloween-inspired treat! Continue reading

Halloween Spider Tiara

As I was trawling Pinterest recently looking for new Halloween ideas, I came across a spider crown tutorial and immediately pinned it to my Halloween board. How stunning! So simple, but very effective!

I had no intentions of going to the shops to buy spiders, but I knew I had a small number in my Halloween stash. Our decorations will go up on the weekend – here in Australia, if we are decorating, we mostly tend to only put them up for a couple of days although there are some houses which are decorated for longer. So I pulled out the box and went searching for spiders… Continue reading

Halloween – Is It Just Another Commercialised Event?

Halloween is done and dusted for another year. Did you participate? Is it a big thing in your area?

And the big question – why do you participate?

Every year on my local area mums’ Facebook group there is much discussion in the lead-up to Halloween, wondering about the whys and why nots of participation. Many people who don’t like to join in thought that it really was just another commercialised festival and they were having none of it. Fair comment.

So let’s talk about that. You can read my thoughts and research into Halloween here and here from the past couple of years. As I was growing up, it was not an event that was celebrated much at all. But things have certainly changed! Continue reading