Beauty pins I’ve tried – eye cream and (non)Petroleum jelly

Part 2 of my beauty pins series, and today I am sharing moisturiser recipes that I have been using. Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and we all have different things we want to address with our moisturisers. So I’ll start by telling you that I have quite an oily, sensitive skin. I have tried many facial moisturisers over the years, most haven’t quite done the job I have been after. So after reading many reports of people using plain oil on their face I tried Coconut Oil. Lovely stuff, but far too heavy for (most of) my skin. Then I tried Macadamia Oil. Gorgeous stuff! But it just wasn’t enough for around my eyes, which felt dry and tight. So when I found this pin for Coconut Oil eye cream I was happy to give it a go: Pam’s recipe uses Coconut Oil and Vitamin E capsules. When I went to the chemist to find some of these capsules they were reasonably expensive, so instead I have been using Vitamin E cream which was a little cheaper. In fact, the cream I have been using contains Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil so I feel like I am getting extra benefits! I’m pretty sure it is Redwin brand, but when I went to take a photo I found that the drawer it was in was stuck fast due to the humid weather we have been having. Lucky I don’t need to make up some more for a while! The Coconut Oil I use has come straight from the supermarket shelf. A jar costs around $6. I may look at cheaper places to get this in bulk, but for now this is perfect 🙂 Anyway, I scooped some Coconut Oil into an empty, clean eye cream pot, then added some Vitamin E cream. There was absolutely no measuring, but I would think it was about a 50/50 mix.

Luxurious eye cream,

Having quite a large amount of Vitamin E cream saves the mix from turning to a runny mess when it is warm. I find this a perfectly luxurious combination for around my eyes. But I will be happy to try it with capsules when I have finished my tub of Vitamin E cream.

Next on my list is a Vaseline/Petroleum jelly substitute.

The pin I came across was from One Good Thing by Jillee. Check out her blog, she has some amazing things there 🙂

The recipe I was following is here:

Jillee’s recipe uses beeswax pellets and olive oil, however I switched the olive oil for my trusty Coconut Oil. Again, I didn’t bother measuring my ingredients, but I did aim for similar proportions with the beeswax and oil. I melted the beeswax first as it takes longer, then stirred in the coconut oil. Once it was combined it went into a clean empty container to set.

non petroleum jelly.

This now sits beside my bed, and I put it on my hands and feet at night.

Have you heard of the benefits of Coconut Oil? In what ways do you use it?

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