Inspirational Quotes

I’ve been thinking about doing this for our son for ages, and today was the day!

I wanted to have a small inspirational quote in his room for him to see as he goes to sleep each night. Or on his desk as he does homework.

There are many options available these days to display your own quotes or lists – light boards, pin boards, and white or blackboards. But I thought something small and relatively unobtrusive would be the best thing for us. Easy to see at the right time, but not annoyingly large and in the way.

So I found an old photo frame, chose a quote, printed it up, and that’s it!


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Painted Rocks

At least a month ago I saw a headline suggesting that the fidget spinner craze was over, and kids all over the world were now painting rocks! It caught my eye, but not enough to go and read the article.

The fidget spinner craze is still in full swing here (a huge thank you to those who made sure our recent birthday boy has enough spinners and cubes to last a lifetime lol (actually, he does play with them all…really!)) and besides that, I’ve done ‘pet rocks’ before. You know, back in the old days when it was first a ‘craze’ – was it the 70s, or maybe early 80s? And I didn’t think it was really going to make a come-back, especially for kids these days…

But my attention was piqued again, when someone posted in a local facebook group asking if anyone had done any rock drops. And another member kindly directed them to our state’s special rock page. And then my whole world opened up! There were so many people posting about the rocks they had dropped, where and when, and sharing photos. The designs and ideas were amazing! Continue reading