Bastille Day nails

14th July has actually been and gone here now, but this morning we woke to the terrible news coming from France as they celebrate their national day. Our hearts go out to all those affected by what has taken place in Nice.

We introduced my son to France 3 years ago. My mum, my son, and I holidayed together. We spent a few days in Paris, then travelled by train to Thoiry where we spent the week with my sister’s two young boys. We try and keep the memories of this trip alive, as it was a very big adventure for my then nearly 7 year old.

Yesterday I asked my son to do some research on what Bastille Day is, the who/what/when/where/why/how. He gave us a little summary last night. I wonder if he remembers any of it today lol.

Last night for dinner I made Coq au Vin, followed by chocolate mousse. Then I decided that a new manicure was in order. So at 9pm last night I started on my Bastille Day nails

Bastille Day nails..

You can read about why I prefer to paint my nails in the evening here.

You can see that my henna tattoo is almost gone 😦 Although it has lasted almost a week.

This morning we had croissants with home made plum jam, and chocolat chaud (hot chocolate). I took the opportunity to have my son take some photos on my phone.

Bastille Day nails

Bastille Day nails.

The light makes things look a little messy. They look much neater than that!

Bastille Day nails .

For those that are interested, here are the polishes I used:

Bastille Day polishes

They are:

Cutex 2 in 1 Base Coat, Manicare Mirror Shine Top Coat

Australis Blue Tiger, Sally Hansen Micro-fiber Base Coat (yes, I use it as a colour), Essence Fame Fatal.

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My tip for beautifully neat painted nails, every time!

I love having beautifully painted nails, don’t you? But I don’t like the messy bits that get on your skin. Apart from looking terrible, they are hard to get off neatly.

I’m sure you all seen, and probably tried, the tip to use a cotton bud or similar dipped in nail polish remover to clean it up. I’ve tried that, but then I get remover where I don’t want it, and it doesn’t make a nice clean line. Perhaps there are tips on doing that better, but it doesn’t do the job well enough for me!

Before and after - messy painted nails, neat painted nails

So, how do I get my nails looking neat after I’ve painted them myself?

The trick really is very simple.

Have a shower or bath!

I like to shower in the morning. So I will paint my nails one evening, when there is something good on tv and I can sit and let them dry completely. I do my best to paint them neatly, but I don’t worry too much. Sometimes they look worse than others. I didn’t do too bad a job this time!

messy nails

The next morning I will shower as usual. The warm water softens your skin, and the polish just peels off. Any stray bits left after the shower are easily scratched off with your nail.

neat nails

neat pink nails (768x1024)

It’s common sense, really. You might need to work out how to fit this process into your routine, if a quiet night and a morning shower doesn’t work for you. Just make sure your newly painted nails are absolutely and completely dry.

If I was doing my nails for a special event, I would never do them on the actual day. That would be far too stressful! I’d much rather touch up a small chip if required, than have to make a special effort to do a perfect job.

Have you already worked this trick out for yourself? Whilst there are many pages of nail polish tips and tricks, I’ve never seen my ‘trick’ listed. So now it is out there!

I’ve been doing this for so many years that I can’t remember how I ‘discovered’ that this works. But it does, and I’ve no intention of changing how I do it now 😉

For the record, my nails above are painted with:

Cutex 2 in 1 Base Coat, Tevez colour number 19, and Manicare Mirror Shine Top Coat.


How do you keep your manicures looking fabulous?

Check out my Nails Pinterest Board for some great inspiration. And my own manicures you can find under the ‘Nails‘ tab at the top of the page.

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Australia Day manicure

I haven’t painted my nails with any special designs for a while, so with Australia Day tomorrow, I decided it was time 🙂

I didn’t have much of an idea as to what the design should be, but it needed to be red/white/blue or green/yellow. Why does a country need two sets of colours? Who knows…

Anyway, I am more likely to be wearing some combination of red, white and/or blue tomorrow, so I started with a blue base.

I apologise now for these photos. I painted my nails while sitting on the lounge tonight watching tv, and I just used my phone to take them.

Australia Day mani base colourWe have a good selection of Australia Day paper plates, bunting, hats etc and they all have the flag on them, so I wanted to incorporate that somehow. Far too detailed to have the whole flag on a nail, so…how to do it?

I added some inspiration to my ‘nails‘ Pinterest board, and also had a close look at our flag

Australian flag


The flag has a blue background, with three symbols:

-The Union Jack, acknowledging our history of British settlement

-The Commonwealth Star, a seven pointed star representing our states and territories

-The Southern Cross, a constellation only visible in the Southern Hemisphere

I gathered some nail colours

Australia Day mani coloursThey are:

(not shown) Sally Hansen base coat

Australis – Blue Tiger (blue)

Sally Hansen – Super Strong Micro-fibre basecoat. (I didn’t use this as a basecoat, I needed white, and that’s what this is!)

Essence – Fame fatal (red)

P.M.U – Elegant Beauty (silver stars)

Sally Hansen – Mega Shine Top Coat (I either use this, or the Diamond Shine Base or Top Coat. I believe they are the best!)

I decided not to decorate each nail, instead choosing three nails to show the three flag elements.

Australia Day nails sawitdidit.wordpress

On my thumb I did the Union Jack, middle finger has the Southern Cross, and my little finger has the Commonwealth Star.

For the Union Jack I painted the cross with white, then topped it with red. It’s not perfect, so don’t look too closely 😉

The Southern Cross is supposed to be 4 seven pointed stars and 1 five pointed star, however I used the P.M.U polish with stars in it to represent this. They are all five pointed stars. There’s not enough room on your nails to have that amount of detail!

I started the Commonwealth Star with a blob of white, then teased it into seven points using a nail art tool which I didn’t take a photo of and I have no idea what it’s called, but it has a fine point. It worked ok!

Then I gave all my nails a coat of my favourite Sally Hansen top coat. It’s really thick, makes your nails look like glass, and protects them well. And I get nothing for saying that, I say it because it is true!

Again, apologies for the for the quality of the photos, it’s getting late…

I think it turned out well, and I am happy with it.

Tomorrow we’ll be joining the rest of my family for a celebration barbeque in the National Park. Are you doing something special for Australia Day?

* You can find all my manicures here

* I contributed to Mimi’s Five Star Frugal linkup at her blog A Tray of Bliss, and Pin-n-Tell.  Pop over and say ‘Hi!’