Pokemon Go party – the games

The day we held the Pokémon Go party was quite possibly the last perfect day before  wintery weather really set in. The boys were mostly dressed in shorts and t-shirts! And the park we chose was a great setting as well. Each year we have been to a different park, and this was not one we have spent much time at. But it was just about as perfect as the day!

Here’s a quick look at our location:

Pokemon Go party setup

You can read more about important things like the decorations, cake, and party bags here. Continue reading


How to Train Your Dragon party – Decorations and Games

My previous posts have all been about how we prepared for the party. Today the party is on!

We arrived at the park with plenty of time to set up. Make sure you give yourself lots of time for this – it always takes longer than you think! This year we were ready when the first guests arrived, so I was happy 🙂

We set up our gazebo to make it easy for our guests to see where we were. The gazebo was decorated in our theme colours of black, white/silver, and a splash of red. We had balloons (not enough – you can never have enough balloons at a party! – but the balloon blower-uppers had no breath left!) as well as bunting. A red tablecloth completed the simple look.

HTTYD party decorations...sawitdidit.wordpress.com

The bunting was a combination of flags. I bought a pack of black and white bunting of various design from the discount shop. I picked out the simplest designs to use along with some very cool Viking flags which I downloaded and printed from the How to Train Your Dragon site (it’s in the party kit). I also cut a few plain red flags from cardboard. I think the combination of colours and designs looked very effective!

I set out the food ready for the boys to help themselves whenever they needed to. There was a variety of party foods (chips, biscuits, jelly) and some healthy options (carrot sticks, fruit). The boys all got a personalised water bottle. I made the bottle label by downloading a cute picture of Toothless, then adding the text. I called the water ‘Dragon Drool’. This is a very simple thing to do, but the boys love it. They can take their water bottle home, and I know some continue to use it 🙂

HTTYD party food  sawitdidit.wordpress.com

I didn’t take any specific photos of the food table, but two-toned jelly is a must at parties and it looks good, so that did get a photo!

I had made each of the boys a Viking helmet, which they got as they arrived at the party. They were all happy to kick a ball around until everyone arrived.

The first game was Dragon Flying Training. This required the boys to each make some paper airplanes to use as dragons. I found a page of dragon drawings which I downloaded and printed. I cut the dragons out and made up a set for each boy. They glued a different dragon picture to each plane that they had made, and wrote their name on it.

HTTYD party paper planes . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

Then it was time to fly their dragons. They took turns aiming to fly their creations through a hoop. Some dragons were good flyers, others not so much 😉

HTTYD party Dragon training . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

Next up was Pin the… In this case it was Pin the Eyes on Toothless, and Pin the Nose on Stoick. I do 2 separate but simultaneous games of this as it stops the boys who are waiting getting bored and annoying those that are blindfolded (as happened a few years ago!). I searched for 2 reasonably simple images I could copy and drew them freehand on some cardboard. The images I copied are on my Pinterest board

HTTYD party Pin the Eyes on Toothless . sawitdidit.wordpress.comHTTYD party Pin the Nose on Stoick . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

The cardboard pictures were attached to a nearby tree, and the boys’ eyes were covered with a makeshift blindfold. Yes, even though I wrote copious lists, I forgot just one thing – blindfolds!

HTTYD party 'Pin the ...' sawitdidit.wordpress.com

The next game was Dodge the Dragon Fire. This game was very popular last year at our Adventure Time party, so I just renamed it for this party 🙂 The boys stood in the middle, surrounded by all the adults who had stayed to help. Let me tell you, if you have friends who are available and prepared to stay and help with your party, you are very lucky! We then rolled balls (aka dragon fire) through the crowd of boys, aiming for their legs. When they got hit they joined the outer ring and helped throwing the balls.

HTTYD party games .. sawitdidit.wordpress

HTTYD party games . sawitdidit.wordpress.com

The boys thought it was pretty funny when the adults had a turn in the centre and had to jump over the dragon fire!

HTTYD party game ... sawitdidit.wordpress.com

Everyone was hot and tired after this game, so we stopped for a drink and some snacks.

The last game we played was Frozen Dragons. All the boys except for 2 froze in a dragon pose, and those 2 had to try and make the frozen dragons move. They weren’t allowed to touch them. They could tell jokes, act silly, whatever it would take as long as there was no touching. Once they moved, they helped ‘unfreezing’ the other dragons. The posing boys worked out very quickly if you lie face down on the ground, or shut your eyes and cover your ears with your hands, it is very difficult to make them move. If you play this game, include in the rules not to do this! I stopped the second round and made them do it properly lol.

HTTYD party Frozen Dragon game sawitdidit.wordpress

I find four organised games are enough for a 2 hour party. After we had birthday cake, the boys were happy to play Dodge the Dragon Fire again and again. Then they switched over to playing soccer. Give a group of boys a ball and they will happily amuse themselves!

As the boys went home, they were given a lolly bag containing a small selection of sweets along with a small plastic dragon which I found on eBay. The bags were very simple to make. I stuck Toothless eyes to a black bag (you can find a couple of examples of eyes on my Pinterest board). That’s it!

Toothless lolly bags ... sawitdidit.wordpress.com

We are very lucky to have great facilities nearby where we can hold parties, and we were also very lucky that the weather worked in our favour on the day.

So that’s it! All about our How to Train Your Dragon party. If there is anything I have left out or not mentioned, please ask.

I wonder what will be the theme of next year’s party….

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Adventure Time party for an 8 year old

Last week my son turned 8, and we had an Adventure Time party (a Cartoon Network show on tv). I started a Pinterest board many months ago, expecting that this would be the theme for this year’s party 🙂

I found from all these ideas and other blogs was that there is no official Adventure Time party merchandise. Not that I would use a lot, but it might have been nice to have some balloons or something. Several blogs have generously made their designs available for free download. Some I used, mostly I hand drew things.

One thing is for certain – make sure you don’t leave all this work to the last day! I started at the beginning of the week, but I kept finding new ideas through the week, and it was still a bit of a stress. But fun stress!

For the invitation, I downloaded a free version of the Adventure Time font (I do this for any themed party) as well as pictures of some of the characters. The characters went along the top and bottom of the invitation as a border, and the details were written in the special font.

We are lucky enough to live near a National Park and that is where we held the party. It was a perfectly clear, warm, sunny Autumn day. Thankfully! We set ourselves up in a little ‘hut’ with a table, and it was decorated with red, yellow and blue balloons as well as red and yellow crepe paper that I cut into streamers. This helped our guests find us, as well as set the party tone.

We hold our parties at morning or afternoon tea time, which means that food is not the main event and the guests can spend plenty of time playing games. I did print up some cute labels for the food we had, and we had come up with some appropriate names, however we didn’t end up using them. The kids helped themselves to chips, savoury biscuits and carrot sticks with dip, and fruit. They also each had a personal water bottle and there was juice for when they wanted more to drink. I made up a water bottle label, and the kids wrote their name on theirs.

Adventure Time party 3

Apart from the cake, the only sweet party food they had was jelly. I did have some lollies…..but I forgot to put them out……whoops! But I have discovered that jelly is a very popular party food, and it is cheap and easy to make. Transporting it is a bit challenging, but we managed 🙂

Adventure Time party 5

We have a couple of games that we repeat each year as they are very popular – I just change the name of them to suit the theme of the party. I also visited several blogs to find out what they did, and got an extra idea or two 😉

First up, we had a game of Finn, Finn, Jake. You all know Duck, Duck, Goose don’t you? I don’t need to explain that one?

Adventure Time party 4

Next, there was Pin the…..This year I did 2 games simultaneously, as last year the boys who were waiting their turn tried to put off the person whose turn it was by jumping in front of them. Funny for everyone else, but a bit annoying for that person. I divided the kids into 2 groups as I knew once they saw the 2 games they would all go for one…

Adventure Time party 2 adventure time party 1

They all did both, but can you guess which one they all loved? Hehehe, boys and fart jokes!!

I drew both of those pictures by hand, although I did find a link to print the Jake one.

Then we were back to a running around game – Dodge Sock – after one of the Adventure Time episodes. I held up a soccer ball and asked them all what it was. One cluey boy gave me the correct answer of a sock! I was very fortunate to have some parents stay, little did they know I was going to get them involved in some of the games 😉 I wonder if they will stay next time??

All the kids got in the middle of a circle formed by the parents. We then rolled 2 soccer balls through the group which they had to dodge. Anyone that was hit by the ball joined the edge of the circle and tried to get their friends out. This was a very popular and fun game! The kids especially loved when it was time to swap over and the parents went in the middle of the circle!

Adventure Time party 9

The chocolate game was next. This is one I haven’t played since I was young, and a friend reminded me of. I think it will be added to the list of games that get played each year!

For this one, you need a block of chocolate. A large family sized block might be appropriate…. You also need one die, a plate, knife and fork, and some clothes to dress up in. I think traditionally you would have mittens/gloves, scarf and hat/beanie. For this game, I was lent a Finn backpack and hat. I thought that would be enough as the boys are only young and I didn’t want it to be too difficult. Next time I will add more, as it was too easy! Anyway, each child in the circle takes a turn rolling the die, until someone rolls a 6. That person races into the centre of the circle where they have to put on the clothing etc. Then they have to use the knife and fork to cut the chocolate block, and eat any bits they cut off. While this is happening, the rest of the kids continue taking turns rolling the die. When the next person rolls a 6, the person in the middle has to take off the costume, pass it to the new person who has to put it on before attacking the chocolate.

Adventure Time party 14Adventure Time party 8

The last game was the spider web wrap (from another Adventure Time episode). This is another game that we rename each year to go with the current theme 🙂 You can choose just one person to wrap, with everyone else doing the wrapping. But we find the kids like both parts to this, so we let them do whichever part they want. We always end up with about half the kids getting wrapped! All you need for this is cheap toilet paper. Don’t waste your money on the good stuff for this one! Each person gets a roll, then they just wrap….

Adventure Time party 10

Even 2 parents got wrapped this time!

And it’s easy to clear up afterwards – just tell the kids that as soon as all the paper is picked up, it will be time for birthday cake 🙂

Adventure Time party 7

I’m getting pretty good at drawing Jake now! Even though he is not my son’s favourite Adventure Time character, he was the easiest to draw so that was what he got!

The party boxes were also Jake:

Adventure Time party 11

I drew the faces, then stuck them on to yellow boxes.

There were a couple of fun-sized chocolate bars in the boxes, along with a character to cut out and make. We have made most of these characters over the past year or so, and thought they would be something fun and a bit different for the party-goers to take home to do. They are from the Cartoon Network website.

The party boxes also included a cupcake, decorated with an Adventure Time wrapper. I printed the wrappers up http://www.pinterest.com/pin/26529085279595262/

Adventure Time party 6

One activity that we didn’t have time for was drawing a character’s face on a balloon. In case some kids weren’t too familiar with the series, I printed up some colouring pages as another activity. They could use these as inspiration for the balloon drawing. Funnily enough, they were quite keen to do the colouring in, and they got in to that at the start of the party while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.

Adventure Time party 13

I think there were enough activities to keep everyone happy, and the kids absolutely loved that the parents joined in some of the games. I thoroughly recommend doing that if you are lucky enough to have parents stay for the party!

And if you thought you’d seen the last of that fart, think again…..

Adventure Time party 12

You should be able to find links to most of these ideas on my Pinterest board, as linked above.

Do you love Adventure Time? Have you done an Adventure Time party? It was great fun!