Pokémon Go Party – Part 2

Today’s party post will be a bit of a mismatch of ideas and photos – but all relating to the Pokémon Go party we held on the weekend for our 11 year old son…

As I’ve said in previous party posts, we begin thinking about the party in that quiet time after Christmas. I start a new Pinterest board, in this case Pokémon Party, and I usually start a word doc where I list any ideas that come up. This year I caught up with the times, and started a Google doc! It makes it easier to keep random thoughts together, until it comes time to start party planning proper 🙂

And the first thing that needs creating is the invitation.

I decided to model the invitations on the screen when a Pokemon has been caught, in the game Pokémon Go. I remembered there had been a special release of ‘party Pikachus’ on the game’s anniversary, so I searched for that image to use. Can’t get much more appropriate than that! I pinned it here. Continue reading

Pokémon-themed Bedroom Makeover

Pokémon. The word on everyone’s lips at the moment!

Our son has been a Pokémon fan for many years – he had a Pokémon-themed birthday party in 1st grade, and you may have noticed he chose a Pokémon henna tattoo recently. In fact, I had to give him a Charmander henna tattoo just last week! And you should see how many Pokémon cards, plush toys, plastic characters and other paraphernalia he has. I’ve joined the ‘club’ and recently bought myself a Pikachu scarf, which is apparently his good luck charm for his soccer games 😉

So when I asked if he would like a bit of a Pokémon theme in his bedroom, his eyes lit up! We all enjoyed searching Pinterest for inspiration, and you can find a few of the ideas we pinned here.

We have a way to go yet, but I thought I would share a couple of the really quick updates I have made.

Firstly, I made a sign for his door (inspired by this pin)

Pokemon must be in Pokeballs

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