Pokemon Go party – the games

The day we held the Pokémon Go party was quite possibly the last perfect day before  wintery weather really set in. The boys were mostly dressed in shorts and t-shirts! And the park we chose was a great setting as well. Each year we have been to a different park, and this was not one we have spent much time at. But it was just about as perfect as the day!

Here’s a quick look at our location:

Pokemon Go party setup

You can read more about important things like the decorations, cake, and party bags here. Continue reading

Pokémon Go Party – Part 2

Today’s party post will be a bit of a mismatch of ideas and photos – but all relating to the Pokémon Go party we held on the weekend for our 11 year old son…

As I’ve said in previous party posts, we begin thinking about the party in that quiet time after Christmas. I start a new Pinterest board, in this case Pokémon Party, and I usually start a word doc where I list any ideas that come up. This year I caught up with the times, and started a Google doc! It makes it easier to keep random thoughts together, until it comes time to start party planning proper 🙂

And the first thing that needs creating is the invitation.

I decided to model the invitations on the screen when a Pokemon has been caught, in the game Pokémon Go. I remembered there had been a special release of ‘party Pikachus’ on the game’s anniversary, so I searched for that image to use. Can’t get much more appropriate than that! I pinned it here. Continue reading

Pokemon Party Prop – DIY Photo Booth Frame

We’ve just had our son’s birthday party, and this year we had a Pokémon Go theme. That is probably not much of a surprise to regular readers!

I will be sharing bits and pieces from the party over the next few blog posts, but I thought I’d start with the photo booth frame prop. It never ceases to surprise me how much boys love having their photo taken in a custom-made frame!

The first time I included a photo frame in his party was 4 years ago, and that was a Pokémon party too!! But that time I didn’t customize the frame at all…

pokemon party the first one

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