Personalised Tea (Kitchen) Towel

I love this tea (kitchen) towel that we made many years ago, and wondered why I hadn’t shared it here before now!

We made these to give to family for Christmas. They do take a bit of time and planning, but are definitely a one-of-a-kind item! And it can get a bit messy 😉

I used good quality vintage pillowcases. They were old family linen, but were sitting unused in my cupboard. I didn’t want to throw them out, so I up-cycled them!

(Please pardon these rather un-edited photos – I have a new computer and haven’t quite got the new photo editing system down pat yet.)

teatowel 1

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Bookmark with Pen Holder

I saw this great idea for a bookmark last year, with the plan to make some to send to a few friends for Christmas…but that didn’t quite happen! So it’s been sitting there on my Gifts and Wrapping Ideas Pinterest board just waiting. I had some fabric left over from making the Beach Towel with Pillow, and that is what I wanted to use. And now I have!


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Inspirational Quotes

I’ve been thinking about doing this for our son for ages, and today was the day!

I wanted to have a small inspirational quote in his room for him to see as he goes to sleep each night. Or on his desk as he does homework.

There are many options available these days to display your own quotes or lists – light boards, pin boards, and white or blackboards. But I thought something small and relatively unobtrusive would be the best thing for us. Easy to see at the right time, but not annoyingly large and in the way.

So I found an old photo frame, chose a quote, printed it up, and that’s it!


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