Card Making, Part 2

It was my mum’s birthday on the weekend, and as I was considering what to get the lady who has everything (!) I think I came up with a brilliant idea for her! It is very simple, but does require a bit of forward planning. And it’s something that anyone can do 🙂

My son loves drawing. He is very proud of his drawings, and usually scans a copy to give to his grandmother. She has pictures from all the grandchildren stuck up all around the house! So I decided to come up with something using his drawings, that would also be useful. And she often writes and posts cards and letters, so that’s what I made. Continue reading


You’ve Been Tinselled 2017

Apologies for the lack of posts of late – my computer is getting pretty old and everything takes soooo long to do that I really only turn it on a couple of times a week. I’m hanging on for the post Christmas sales…

Anyway…did you notice that Christmas is coming??!!

After starting Tinselling in our neighbourhood last year, I thought we might do it a little earlier this year. Hopefully that will give people a bit more time to continue it on. Continue reading

Halloween Spider Tiara

As I was trawling Pinterest recently looking for new Halloween ideas, I came across a spider crown tutorial and immediately pinned it to my Halloween board. How stunning! So simple, but very effective!

I had no intentions of going to the shops to buy spiders, but I knew I had a small number in my Halloween stash. Our decorations will go up on the weekend – here in Australia, if we are decorating, we mostly tend to only put them up for a couple of days although there are some houses which are decorated for longer. So I pulled out the box and went searching for spiders… Continue reading