Halloween 2018 – Spider Biscuits

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, it was going to be a busy afternoon for the boys!

On Wednesdays, our son does tae kwon do after school with a couple of his mates. They go straight from school to one of the boy’s houses as he lives close to where the class is held.  So, to make some sort of contribution to this weekly visit, I make afternoon tea which I deliver during the day. Mimi’s chocolate cake is a favourite, but I try to make different things and try out new recipes from time to time. So it was a perfect opportunity to make a Halloween-inspired treat!
I pinned a few ideas to my Halloween Pinterest board and decided to go with gingerbread men. So I pulled out my very well-used recipe and made up the dough.

Gingerbread recipe

Then it started to go wrong…

Firstly, it turns out I don’t have a gingerbread man cutter!! Well, I’m pretty sure I do (I mean, who doesn’t??),  but it wasn’t with all the other cookie cutters. Secondly, when I unwrapped the dough after letting it rest, it was too dry!

So a bit more thinking, and I opt for spider biccies (cookies), rather like these ones. We rolled the gingerbread dough into rounds and baked them. A bit of chocolate icing and some sprinkles later and we had these!

Halloween spider biccies 1

If only I had red sprinkles to make them into red back spiders hahaha!

Hallowen spider biccies 2

I’ve never seen the boys leave so quickly after their tkd class had finished! They raced back to the friend’s place to get ready, and the rest of their group turned up a few minutes later. They weren’t particularly keen to wait for our boys to get ready…so it was a very rushed job getting the zombie make up on!

Halloween 2018 trick or treat

He’s worn this outfit for the past 3 years!

Even though this post was to share the spider gingerbread, here is a bit of a look around our Halloween garden…

We decided it was definitely time to upgrade our cardboard tombstones, so we made new ones. I picked up some sheets of foam packing stuff from the side of the road thinking they might come in handy for our Book Week costume

We didn’t need them for the costume, but they made mighty fine tombstones!

Halloween 2018 new tombstones

Halloween 2018 5

We added this dude (wizard??) last year, made from some pvc pipe, an old dressing gown and some pillows to fill him out. We made a better fire and cauldron for him this year – a camping oven!

Halloween 2018 1

Also new this year are the cages. Made from 2 wire garbage bins each, joined with cable ties, and strung up high.

Halloween 2018 2

Spider web lined the path

Halloween 2018 3

Unfortunately, by the time our boys turned up, we were out of lollies! But they did seem to enjoy our decorations

Halloween 2018 4 (1)

The Halloween playlist was working well through Spotify this year, and added to the atmosphere. I think we are still the only ones with music playing!

Since it is the end of Spring here in Australia, and Daylight Saving has started, trick or treating is done in daylight. So our lights were really just for us to enjoy!

Halloween 2018 6 Halloween 2018 7

It was lovely, warm night, and the kids (and a lot of parents) had a great social night out in the fresh air, enjoying the neighbourhood. How about you?

You can read more of my Halloween posts here.

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