Letter From Santa

Do you still have Christmas magic in your house?

At 11 years old, our son may or may not still believe, but we are certainly not going to contribute to any loss of magic in this house! Crackers, our Elf on the Shelf, has been visiting for many Christmasses now and he is still eagerly awaited! The last 2 years we’ve added Tinselling to our Christmas build-up. And we have a great light display which we love looking at, and we hope brings some happiness to our neighbours and other passers by. Our neighbours tell us they love it, anyway…lol.

But this year I wanted to add something more…

I am a member of a couple of Facebook pages where members share their handmade items. In the months leading up to Christmas, there have been several members offering personalised Santa letters. Mostly, they also included a magic key and naughty/nice certificates, that sort of thing. We already have a magic santa key from a vintage screen door which we removed (but kept the key!), and it is tied with festive ribbon. And I think 11 is a bit old for a Nice List certificate. I had found one page that did the letter on its own for about $11, and I was quite prepared to arrange that. But then I couldn’t find the page again… 😦 So I figured, if all these other people can make them, then I can too!

Off I went to Pinterest to see what there was on offer…and I created my Santa Letter board with a few of the ideas that I liked.

I was pleasantly surprised to find printable envelopes, as I thought I would have to come up with some sort of postmark to print on my own envelope!

There are plenty of letter templates you can choose, but again, they seemed more geared towards younger children and not quite what I was after.

I found Santa letterhead, so I could write my own letter! In the comments on the post with the letterhead, many people asked how they could edit the document to add their letter. All they could do was print it up as an empty page and handwrite their letter. But I was able to get around this by saving the image, then uploading it in Canva and adding text that way. It’s taking me a while to get used to Canva – I have been happily using Picmonkey for years as I found it easier to navigate, but it is no longer free. Understandable, but I don’t use it enough to want to pay and there are other options available.

santa letter

Then all I had to do was cut out and glue together the envelope, pop the letter inside, and ‘post’ it in our letterbox!

santa letter 1

The intended recipient empties the letterbox each afternoon on his return from school, so I knew he would find it. I think he was pretty chuffed!

If you really have neither time nor inclination to do it yourself, check out Etsy for plenty of options 🙂

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